Illinois down ballot state executive elections, 2014

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Illinois Down Ballot State Executive Elections

General Election Date
November 4, 2014

Primary Date:
March 18, 2014

Illinois State Executive Elections
GovernorLieutenant GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney General
Down Ballot
Treasurer, Controller

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Two down ballot state executive positions are up for election in the state of Illinois in 2014. The general election will be held on November 4, 2014.

Illinois is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. Voters do not have to register with a party, but they do have to choose, publicly, which party's ballot they will vote on at the primary election.[1]

Office Incumbent Assumed Office Incumbent running? General Election Candidates 2015 Winner Partisan Switch?
Treasurer Dan Rutherford
Dan Rutherford.jpg
2011 No[2] Democratic Party Mike Frerichs
Republican Party Tom Cross
Libertarian Party Matt Skopek
Pending Pending
Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka
Judy Baar Topinka.jpg
2011 Yes[3] Democratic Party Sheila Simon
Republican Party Judy Baar Topinka
Libertarian Party Julie Fox
Pending Pending

Key deadlines

Deadline Event
December 2, 2013 Last day of petition filing for established political parties
January 16, 2014 Last day to file a Declaration of Intent to be a write-in candidate
March 18, 2014 Primary election
November 4, 2014 General election
November 25, 2014 Last day for canvassing election results by proper canvassing board
January 12, 2015 Inauguration day for state executive officials in general election


Current incumbent

Republican Party Dan Rutherford (Running for governor in 2014)[2]



The specific duties of the treasurer are outlined in Article V, Section 18 of the Illinois Constitution.

Article V, Section 18, Treasurer - Duties: "The Treasurer, in accordance with law, shall be responsible for the safekeeping and investment of monies and securities deposited with him, and for their disbursement upon order of the Comptroller."

The main duty performed by this office is investing the state money collected and distributing it as needed. The office also offers programs to help state citizens with their own financial well being such as classes to help manage money. A college savings program is also run by the office to help students in need as well as keeping track and returning unclaimed property.


Illinois Treasurer - Republican Primary 2014
Poll Bob Grogan Tom CrossUndecidedMargin of ErrorSample Size
Battleground Polling
(November 11, 2013)
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Current incumbent

Republican Party Judy Baar Topinka


Republican Party Judy Baar Topinka - Incumbent
Democratic Party Sheila Simon - Current Lieutenant Governor of Illinois[7]
Libertarian Party Julie Fox - Certified public accountant[8]


The controller's main duties include maintaining the state's fiscal accounts, ordering payments into the treasury, and issuing warrants against any funds held by the treasurer.

The specific duties of the comptroller are outlined in Article V, Section 17 of the Illinois Constitution.

Article V, Section 17, Comptroller - Duties: "The Comptroller, in accordance with law, shall maintain the State's central fiscal accounts, and order payments into and out of the funds held by the Treasurer."

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