Impact of term limits on state representative elections in 2012

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Elections of state representatives in 13 states with state legislative term limits will take place on November 6, 2010. The 13 states where state legislative elections are impacted by term limits are close to 30% of the 42 states where state legislative elections of lower house members will take place in 2012.

15 states have state legislative term limits, but Louisiana is not holding a state house election in 2010 and Nebraska does not have a lower house.

Democratic Party California

See also: California State Assembly elections, 2012

The California State Assembly has been a term-limited state house since California voters approved Proposition 140 in 1990. Under the terms of Proposition 140, the members of the state assembly can serve no more than three 2-year terms in the state assembly. This is a lifetime limit, as is the case in five other states with state legislative term limits.

There are 80 members in the state assembly, and 21 of them (26.25%) termed-out in 2012.

In addition to the 21 California state representatives who are leaving office because of term limits, 9 California state senators are also termed-out.

California state representatives whose seats are up for election in 2012 but who are unable to run because of the state's term limits are:

Democrats (xx):

Republicans (6xxx):