Ingham Unincorporated Areas Police Assessment District Creation, 13 (November 2010)

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Thirteen townships will have a Ingham Unincorporated Areas Police Assessment District Creation measure on their November 2, 2010 ballot in thirteen townships, which are in Ingham County.

This measure will ask residents in the 13 townships which are unincorporated in the county, if they want to create a police assessment district which would provide primary law enforcement services to the residents in the district area. [1] Each township proposed different means to pay for the police services, the townships of Aurelius, Bunker Hill, Ingham, Leroy, Leslie, Locke, Onondaga, Stockbridge, Vevay, White Oak and Williamstown would charge assessment fees of $150 a year. Where as the townships of Alaiedon and Wheatfield decided to increase their property taxes by 1 mill and 1.56 mills to pay for police services. It is expected that around $2.1 million a year would be raised if all these measures are approved by residents. This measure is not dependent on the other townships, only those which approve their measure will have the police services offered.[2]