Initiative petition deadlines arrive in Oregon and Washington (update)

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July 2, 2010


Oregon and Washington: Four states are facing drive deadlines today. Two are in the northwest region of the country - Oregon and Washington. Despite having an estimated 83 filed initiatives in the state of Oregon, reports estimate that only 13 will file signatures by deadline. Compared to past years, in 2008 a total of 10 initiatives filed signatures, however, two failed to meet the state's signature requirements.[1] As of June 30, six initiatives have already submitted signatures. The secretary of state's office is expected to announce which initiatives qualified by August 30.

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Washington, who also has had more than 80 proposed initiatives, only expects to see only a few meet deadline on Friday, July 2. As of early July 2, three initiatives have already filed signatures with state officials. Initiative 1100, which would close state liquor stores and authorizes sale, distribution, and importation by private parties, filed signatures on June 23, 2010. Initiative 1082, also known as the "worker's comp initiative," filed on June 30, 2010. A day prior to the statewide petition deadline, supporters of Initiative 1098 - an income tax measure - filed between 360,000-370,000 signatures. According to the Washington Secretary of State, three more initiatives have scheduled appointments to submit signatures. Initiatives include: I-1055, I-1105 and I-1107.[2]

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UPDATE: Washington Initiative 1068 has reportedly failed to meet the minimum signature requirement on July 2, the state's petition drive deadline. The initiative proposed legalizing the growth, possession and sales of marijuana. According to supporters they were at least 40,000 signatures short of the 241,153 minimum requirement.

Washington initiatives that have filed signatures include:

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