Iowa down ballot state executive elections, 2014

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Iowa Down Ballot State Executive Elections

Primary Date:
June 3, 2014

General Election Date:
November 4, 2014

Iowa State Executive Elections
Top Ballot
Governor Lieutenant GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney General
Down Ballot
Treasurer, Auditor, Agriculture Commissioner

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Three down ballot state executive positions are up for election in the state of Iowa in 2014. The general election will be held on November 4, 2014.

Iowa is one of 21 states with a mixed primary system. The primary is closed, but voters are allowed to change their political party affiliation on election day.[1]

Office Incumbent Assumed Office Incumbent running? General Election Candidates 2015 Winner Partisan Switch?
Treasurer of State Michael Fitzgerald
Michael Fitzgerald.jpg
1982 Yes[2] Republican Party Sam Clovis
Democratic Party Michael Fitzgerald
Libertarian Party Keith Laube
Democratic Party Michael Fitzgerald No
Auditor of State Mary Mosiman
Mary Mosiman.jpg
2013 Yes[3] Republican Party Mary Mosiman
Democratic Party Jon Neiderbach
Republican Party Mary Mosiman No
Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey
Bill Northey.gif
2007 Yes[4] Republican Party Bill Northey
Democratic Party Sherrie Taha
Independent Levi Benning
Republican Party Bill Northey No


Current incumbent

Democratic Party Michael Fitzgerald



Current incumbent

Republican Party David Vaudt


The mission statement of the Auditor of State is as follows: "The mission of the Office of Auditor of State is to benefit all citizens of Iowa by providing audit, review, and other technical services to state and local governments to ensure the effective, economical businesslike conduct of public activities in a prudent, accountable manner to achieve the intended purposes."[5]

In addition, the auditor is required to annually make a complete audit of the books, records, and accounts of every department of state government. The State's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Single Audit Report are audited by the Auditor of State.

Secretary of Agriculture

Current incumbent

Republican Party Bill Northey


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