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In the Iowa gubernatorial election of 2010, held on November 2, 2010, Republican Terry E. Branstad defeated incumbent Democrat Chet Culver. Branstad is himself a former Governor of Iowa.

Following the June 8, 2010 primary elections, Chet Culver was nominated without any primary opposition. Branstad took just over 50% of the vote to secure the GOP nomination.

One indication of the competitiveness of 2010's gubernatorial election was the surge in GOP voter registration. Iowa had been shifting to a blue state prior to the primaries. During the 2008 cycle, Democrats enjoyed a six figure lead in registered voters; that fall, Barack Obama carried the state by ten points. However, on July 6, 2010, Secretary of State Mike Mauro (D) announced that June saw Republicans gain 37,000 registered voters while the Democrats lost 10,000 - effectively halving the latter's voter lead going into the general elections. Unaffiliated voters fell by approximately 23,000 while the total change in all registered voters inched up slightly, hovering just below 4,000. This would seem to indicate a shift in the partisan sympathies of Hawkeye voters.[1]

November 2, 2010 general election results

Results are current as of November 30, 2010 and were officially certified by the Secretary of State on November 29th. The official final canvas is now available online.[2]

2010 Iowa gubernatorial general election
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party Chet Culver 42.85%
     Republican Party Approveda Terry E. Branstad 52.15%
     Socialist Dave Rosenfeld 0.24%
     Libertarian Party Eric Cooper 1.27%
     Independent Jonathan Narcisse 1.88%
     Independent Gregory James Hughes 0.34%
     Other write-ins 0.25%
     Other spoilt ballots 1.01%
Total Votes 1,131,434

Inauguration and transition

Inaugural date

Terry E. Branstad will be sworn into office on the evening on January 14, 2011. Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Reynolds resigned her seat on the state Senate on November 12, 2010 to concentrate on the transition effort.[3] Her seat will be filled in a special election, with a date most likely to be set by out-going Gov. Chet Culver before his term expires.

Transition team

The transition site for both Governor-elect Branstad and Lieutenant Governor-elect Kim Reynolds is at The day after the election, David Roederer was named as chief of the transition effort. In Branstad's first administration, Roederer served as Chief of Staff. Jeffrey Boeyink, already tapped as Chief of Staff to Governor Branstad, will assist him as transition co-chair.

Appointments in the Branstad Administration

In addition to naming campaign manager Jeffrey Boeyink as Chief of Staff, Tim Albrecht will serve as Communications Director for both the transition and in Branstad's administration.[4] Boeyink worked for the campaign in the same capacity.

In addition to his work on the administrative transition, Davod Roederer has more recently been announced as the Director of Public Management, a job he will begin as soon as Governor-elect Branstad is sworn in.[5]

Race ratings

See also: Gubernatorial elections 2010, Race tracking

2010 Race Rankings Iowa
Race Tracker Race Rating
The Cook Political Report[6] Likely Republican
Congressional Quarterly Politics[7] Toss-up
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball[8] Likely Republican
Rasmussen Reports Gubernatorial Scorecard[9] Solid GOP
The Rothenberg Political Report[10] Republican Favored
Overall Call Republican


3. Cook moved race from "Safe Republican" to "Likely Republican" on October 29th.

2. Cook moved race from "Likely Republican" to "Safe Republican" as of October 24th.

1. Cook Political Report changes race from "Toss-up" to "Likely Republican" in September 30th ratings.

June 8, 2010 primary

Iowa's Secretary of State certified results and released the official vote counts on July 1, 2010.[11]

2010 Race for Governor - Democrat Primary [12]
Candidates Percentage
Green check mark.jpg Chet Culver (D) 100.00%
Total votes 56,293
2010 Race for Governor - Republican Primary [13]
Candidates Percentage
Green check mark.jpgTerry E. Branstad (R) 50.33%
Rod Roberts 8.75%
Bob Vander Plaats (R) 40.92%
(write-in) 0.0%
Total votes 227,404


The November Ballot – Who Made It? Iowa Governor[14]
Nominee Affiliation
Chet Culver, with Patty Judge Democrat
Terry E. Branstad, with Kim Reynolds Republican
Jonathan Narcisse, with Richard Marlar Iowa Party
Eric Cooper, with Nick Weltha Libertarian
Dave Rosenfeld, with Helen Meyers Socialist Workers Party
Gregory James Hughes, with Robin Prior-Calef (nominated by petition)
This lists candidates who won their state's primary or convention, or who were unopposed, and who were officially certified for the November ballot by their state's election authority.


  • Rick Phillips, who is running a campaign focused on socially conservative values, is also gathering signatures to petition on to the ballot.


  • Chester John 'Chet' Culver, the incumbent, was unopposed in the primary season. He served as the Secretary of State before winning election to the governorship in 2006.


  • Jonathan Narcissee, a Democrat, announced he would run as an Independent on March 18, 2010, citing voter desire to see a non-partisan candidate. He is opting to petition on to the November ballot.


  • Eric Cooper, who has previously run for the Iowa legislature, is a cognitive psychologist specializing in visual perception.


  • Former governor Terry E. Branstad holds Iowa's record for the longest serving governor. Before assuming office, he was Lt. Gov. and served three term on the State House. He assumed the Presidency of Des Moines University after leaving the governor's office.
  • Bob Vander Plaats, an unsuccessful 2002 candidate for governor, is managing partner of a leadership development firm and COO of a foundation dedicated to working with sufferers of spinal cord injuries.
  • Former State Representative Rob A. Roberts[15]

Socialist Worker's Party

  • David Rosenfeld


General election polling

2010 Race for Iowa Governor - Rasmussen Reports
Date Reported Branstad (R) Culver (D) Other Don't Know
September 23, 2010[16] 55% 37% 4% 4%
August 4, 2010[17] 52% 36% 8% 4%
June 14, 2010[18] 57% 31% 6% 6%
(Sample)[19] n=500 MoE=+/- 4.5% p=0.05



Iowa is among the few state where the National Rile Association has made a gubernatorial endorsement in favor of the Democrat, officially backing Chet Culver.[20]

Gubernatorial electoral history

1998 Gubernatorial Results[21]
Candidates Percentage
Vilsack (D) 52.30%
Lightfoot (R) 46.51%
Henneger (REF) 0.59%
Schaefer (NL) 0.33%
Kennis (petition) 0.21%
Total votes 956,415
2002 Gubernatorial Results[22]
Candidates Percentage
Tom Vilsack (D) 52.69%
Doug Gross (R) 44.53%
Jay Robinson (G) 1.43%
Clyde Cleveland (L) 1.28%
Total votes 1,205,802
2006 Gubernatorial Results[23]
Candidates Percentage
Chet Culver (D) 53.75%
Nussle (R) 44.14%
Barth (G) 0.74%
Litten (L) 0.55%
Martin (SW) 0.19%
Total votes 1,059,064

Presidential electoral history

2000 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George W. Bush (R) 48.2%
Al Gore (D) 48.5%
2004 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George W. Bush (R) 49.9%
John Kerry (D) 49.2%
2008 Presidential Results[24]
Candidates Percentage
John McCain (R) 44.4%
Barack Obama (D) 53.9%

1992 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
George H.W. Bush (R) 37.3%
Bill Clinton (D) 43.3%
1996 Presidential Results
Candidates Percentage
Bob Dole (R) 39.9%
Bill Clinton (D) 50.3%

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