Irvine Unified School District parcel tax, Measure B (November 1999)

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Irvine Unified School District Measure B appeared on the November 2, 1999 ballot in Orange County, California. It authorized a parcel tax of $95. It got 62.7% of the vote.

The text of the ballot measure said, "Stable Local Funding for Student Safety, Science, Technology, Class Size Reduction and Neighborhood Schools. Shall the Irvine Unified School District be authorized to enact a special levy of $95 per assessor's parcel, to be used exclusively for student safety, science, technology, class size reduction and neighborhood schools programs which are not fully funded by state K-12 budget allocations, and shall the District appropriations limit be adjusted for four years from the effective date of the levy, subject to four year extensions thereafter by voter approval, in an amount equal to the revenue raised by the levy, and shall an annual public audit be conducted to examine the uses of these earmarked funds?"

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