J.E. Bennett recall (1952)

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Jake (J.E.) Bennett was successfully recalled in 1952 from his elected position as a city commissioner in Portland, Oregon.[1]

After being removed from office by a vote of 58%, Bennett went on to be elected to the Oregon State Legislature, serving there from 1963-1969.[2]

The reasons given on the recall petition for the recall were that Bennett was "discourteous, abusive, uncouth, insulting, with personal, scandalous attacks, insults, ridicule and abuse toward respectable citizens."[1]

Jewel Lansing in "Portland People, Politics and Power 1851-2001" described Bennett as arch-conservative, redbaiting, contentious and obnoxious. Bennett was also "an ardent prohibitionist" and at the time of the recall campaign against him was advocating severe new restrictions on drinking establishments. He was running against the tenor of the times; in 1952, Oregon began to permit bars to serve liquor by the drink.[1][3]