Jack Stuteville recall, Kingfisher, Oklahoma (2014)

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An effort to recall Mayor Jack Stuteville in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, from his position was launched in October 2013. The effort is supported by a group called "Concerned Citizens of Kingfisher." The petition was started following the firing of Kingfisher Fire Chief Randy Poindexter was fired. Recall supporters argue that the mayor broke federal laws when Poindexter was fired.[1]

Petition language

The statement for grounds of recall reads:[2]

We cite the following three grounds as being representative of the need to remove Mr. Stuteville from office.

1) Even though under suspicion of financial misconduct while serving as mayor, Mr. Stuteville has not recused himself from the day-to-day exercise of that office. This has created a cloud around Kingfisher’s city government that both tarnishes the reputation of the city and lowers the perception of integrity of the city’s dealings.

2) Mr. Stuteville was instrumental in the hiring of the current city manager, Dave Slezicky, who has shown his unsuitability for the office by lack of managerial discretion and temperament as demonstrated in his termination of Kingfisher fire chief, Randy Poindexter. The city manager’s actions were ill-advised and inappropriate, given the fire chief’s standing as a long-term, highly decorated, senior city official. The negative consequences of the city manager’s actions were: a) slanderous implied allegations against a local hero and leader, b) added costs and controversy for the city, and c) lowered morale for city employees and citizens alike.

3) In this situation, the city manager demonstrated the least appropriate exercise of managerial power and despite the negative consequences mentioned above, Mr. Stuteville has continued to support the city manager’s decision related to the termination of the Kingfisher fire chief. This has widened the breach in public confidence and trust in the city government. – The CONCERNED CITIZENS OF KINGFISHER 2013[3]

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See also: Laws governing recall in Oklahoma

In November 2013, supporters of the recall effort filed 200 petition signatures. If signatures are valid, a recall election will be set at least 60 days after approval.[4]

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