Jackson County, Wisconsin

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Jackson County is one of 72 counties in Wisconsin. The county seat is Black River Falls.[1]

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Website evaluation

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Elected Officials
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Audits N
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Lobbying N
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Public records P
Local taxes
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Transparency grading process

In December 2010, the county upgraded its website, spending about $6,000 with GovOffice Web Solutions to redesign and update the software. The county will spend $800 a year in hosting and maintenance costs. With the new website, each department will have more control over what type of content is posted and how often it can be updated.[2]

The good

  • The 2010 adopted budget and 2011 budget are available.[3]
  • County Board members are listed with contact information.[4]
  • Administrators' contact information is listed with each department.[5]
  • Meeting dates, times and locations are listed in the Community Calendar.[6]
  • County Board meetings have minutes and agendas posted for recent meetings.[7]
  • Zoning information and permit applications are available online. Instructions for obtaining further information about building permits are provided.[8][9]
  • Union contracts are posted.[10]
  • Local tax information is provided and bills can be paid online.[11]

The bad

  • Audits are not posted.
  • Public records requests are referenced in the county Privacy Notice but information on requesting public records is not available.
  • Lobbying information is not available.

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