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James Bradley recall, Detroit, Oregon (2011)

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A vote about whether to recall James Bradley from his elected position as mayor and city councilor in Detroit, Oregon took place on October 18, 2011.[1] Bradley was recalled from his position. Detroit has a seven-person city council. In September 2011, another Detroit city council member, Patrick Carty, was also recalled. In November 2011, a third city council member, Deanne Foster, was also recalled.


Jeanette Hartwell became mayor in April 2011, a position she held until tendering her resignation in June 2011. At that time, Bradley was named mayor, a position he held until being recalled in October 2011.[2]

Reasons for recall

Former mayor and council member Jeanette Hartwell was the recall campaign's chief petitioner.[3] The petitioner's statement read: "Citizens of the City of Detroit seek the recall of City Councilor/Mayor James Bradley because under Mr. Bradley’s form of leadership, meetings are being conducted in secret without any public input or oversight. Key public policy issues are being resolved in these secret meetings which are having a devastating effect on the local economy. In addition, as Mayor, Mr Bradley consistently disrespects local citizens through hostile interchanges during public testimony. Mr Bradley also demonstrates lack of proper decorum during his exchanges with several of the existing council members which portrays an extremely negative image for the City of Detroit and its ability to advance a positive agenda. Mr Bradley consistently votes against fundraisers that include the Annual Fishing Derby, Fireworks over the Lake and the Cruise-In Car Rally. As a result, local citizens and businesses have no confidence in Mr Bradley’s ability to assist with helping Detroit advance the local economy in a positive way."[1]

Bradley's response

Bradleys's official statement of justification read: " After abruptly quitting as Mayor and Councilor, the Chief Petitioner, Jeanette Hartwell, attempted to rejoin the Council. She was not selected because of her poor handling of City issues and of Council meetings. She now seeks to recall two who voted not to reseat her. She accuses me of running secret meetings. She is referring to Executive Sessions. I have not held any Executive Sessions. Those she speaks of happened when she presided as Mayor. She knows that. Executive Sessions are for confidential matters such as personnel issues. They do not make policy. She knows that. During public testimony, I listen carefully and discuss issues respectfully with citizens. She knows that. There are citizens who do not like the clammer of DLBA events. When I am sure that a permit for such an event will pass, and the audience has watched me count the yes votes, I vote their interest. She knows that. The State is currently reviewing allegations that Jeanette Hartwell made these false statements on the Petition, which is a Felony. The State is also reviewing allegations that Kim Fowler knowingly signed up persons he knew were not qualified, also a Felony."[1]

Election results

  • Votes to recall James Bradley: 47 Approveda
  • Votes to retain James Bradley: 36

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