James Hickey

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James Hickey
James Hickey.jpg
Candidate for
U.S. House, Illinois, District 11
High schoolSt. Laurence High School
Bachelor'sDePaul University
ProfessionPresident of the Orland Fire Protection District
Campaign website
James Hickey campaign logo
James Hickey was a 2012 Democratic candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 11th Congressional District of Illinois. Hickey was defeated by Bill Foster in the Democratic primary on March 20, 2012.[1]


Hickey was born and raised on the south-side of Chicago in the St. Adrian Parish.[2] Hickey attended St. Adrian Grammar School, St. Laurence High School in Burbank, IL, and DePaul University.[2] Hickey returned to DePaul University to begin his MBA in 2010. He is expected to finish in 2012. [2]


  • Current Director of Business Development at Peace Village[2]
  • Current President of the Orland Fire Protection District [2]
  • Hickey is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Originator.[2]


Campaign themes


On his campaign website Hickey has 16 leading issues that he is concerned about. They are: [3]

  • Jobs Creation:Excerpts:
    • "Corporate Tax: let's create a Flat Tax of 20% for all corporations, and 0% on Foreign revenues."
    • "Rebuild Infrastructure: We have bridges and roads that need repair. I believe that we should have trees lined on both sides of the road and in the middle to help with the environment. Also when possible, we should have a sidewalk on atleast one side of the road."
    • "Schools are in need of repair, and modernization. We need to compete in a global world. We need high speed internet, smart boards, and all the learning materials needed to give our students an edge in a global world."
    • "We have many energy efficient reconfigurations that can save 20-30% in utility bills. This can and should be done in all federal, state, county buildings, and all schools. Then to each homeowners home! This will produce 100,000 jobs and will help America with lower bills in approximately 12-18 months after installation."
  • Fix Housing Market:
    • A) Reform FHA Guidelines
    • B) Under Water Homeowners
    • C) Current Homeowners (Modification)
    • D) Investor Loans
  • Social Security Reform:
    • LOOPHOLE #1: Excerpt: "Currently 6% of income from employees and employers are paid up to $106,000 for a maximum of $6,300 paid per person. If everyone pays the same percents...This makes Social Security around forever. No more worries about 2 people working for every 1 collecting."
    • LOOPHOLE #2: Excerpt: "Currently everyone that has paid into social security receives the benefits, except for government pension retirees. I propose that if your total income including wages and capital gains is over $120,000 a year, that these people do not receive any social security benefits."
  • Student Loan Reform: Excerpt: "Under my proposal, we will link the interest rate of student loans to the US Treasury (This is where America borrows money from), and amoritize the loan over 50 years, with No prepay penalty, meaning you can pay off early if you choose."
  • Rid Foreign Energy: Excerpt: "For 5 years our biggest supplier of oil (Canada) has been trying to build a pipeline that could make them our sole provider of oil, but has been met with bunches of red tape. This could lower oil prices to that of 10 years ago ($1.50 a gallon)...We need to invest in Bio-Fuels & Bio-Hydraulics. There are many firms that are currently producing Algae Bio-Fuels that run in diesel engines today with no modifications, for a cost of 50cents a gallon. We need to invest in Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Clean Coal, Natural Gas and Bio-Tech Energy."
  • Protect 2nd Amendment Right: Excerpt: "Americans have the right to protect their family. I stand with our Founding Fathers, and my fellow NRA Members, of which I am a member."
  • CAP Credit Card Interest Rate:"Credit Card Companies for the poor is like legalizing Loan Sharks. To get a credit card a person pays 20-30% interest, plus a monthly service charge and usually a one time fee of $50 to $100, just to get a card with a $300 limit."
  • Build WIFI TOWERS: Excerpt: "Make internet free for all Americans. Many other countries such as South Korea, offer free Service to all their citizens, plus speeds 4x Faster then ours. 75% of all Searches that are typed into Goggle are not in English.I would also like to institute a plan like in Bangkok and other countries where they are providing a free Laptop for Elementary School Kids. Funded by National Lottery #12."
  • Homeless Act: Excerpt: "Lets convert old warehouses that are not being used, turn them into 1 room homes, offer WiFi, showers, and counselors to help in transitioning back into society. This will allow people that are down on their luck a chance to contribute to society again. They can shower, wash clothes, have an address and email to give to potential employers to get a job and get back on their feet."
  • Food Deserts: "I want to eliminate Food Deserts in America. We should give corporations 5 years of No Taxes on the locations that the corporations open in what are known to be food deserts. This will help obesity in these neighborhoods, it will give healthy food options, and most importantly will create jobs."
  • Support Caylee's Law: "10 years in federal prison. A parent must notify authorities if your child (15 & under) is missing for 24 hours. I believe it to be outrageous that a parent does not report their child missing, and nothing happens to them, like they never existed."
  • National Lottery: Excerpt: "I propose that we create a national lottery, with all 50 states being involved. I believe that each week the "Pot" will be nearly $1Billion dollars. This means that $500Million will be created on a weekly basis. I propose that this money only be used for educational purposes."
  • Repeal "No Child Left Behind": Excerpt: "It does not work. All standardized testing will be same questions just random order. We need to have Teachers help create an education plan. Not all children learn the same, and not all children have the same abilities."
  • Family After School Plan: Excerpt: "All schools should have an after school program for kids, to be able to use the library, computer labs, homework assistance, and the gym. This will keep kids off the streets, and it will greatly help the families in which both parents are working, and have to pay for day care or after school care which could save $150 a week or $600 a month. Funded by National Lottery #12."
  • Immigration: Excerpt: "I believe that we need to protect our borders, and we need to implement a way for workers to come and work in our country legally. But for the millions of people that came to America for a better life for their families, and settled down to live in America. We need to pave the way for them to become U.S. citizens."
  • Jail Size: Excerpt: "We need to increase the number of jails, to make sure that criminals that hurt others are not let off for good behavior because of crowding of jails."



See also: Illinois' 11th congressional district elections, 2012

Hickey ran in the 2012 election for the U.S. House, representing Illinois' 11th District. Hickey sought the nomination on the Democratic ticket. [4] The signature filing deadline was December 27, 2011, with the primary taking place on March 20, 2012.

Hickey and candidate Juan Thomas were defeated by Bill Foster in the Democratic primary on March 20, 2012. [1] In the Republican primary Judy Biggert ran unopposed.[1] Biggert and Foster face off in the general election on November 6, 2012.

U.S. House, Illinois' 11th Congressional District Democratic Primary, 2012
Candidate Vote % Votes
Green check mark transparent.pngBill Foster 58.5% 12,126
Juan Thomas 25.1% 5,212
Jim Hickey 16.4% 3,399
Total Votes 20,737


Hickey married his high school sweetheart Kristin DePeder.[2] Together they have four children.[2]

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