Jay Ostrem recall, Centerville, South Dakota, 2009

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An effort to recall Centerville Mayor Jay Ostrem in the state of South Dakota was initiated in November 2009.[1]

The recall was initiated after the Centerville City Council unanimously agreed on November 2, 2009 to fire Police Chief Rachel Kopman for misconduct. Kopman had served as police chief for approximately on year. Shortly after Kopman was fired, she filed allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination against Ostrem and another Councilman. Specifically, Kopman cited pornographic text messages from the Councilman, and demeaning comments from the mayor, according to the Argus Leader. In regards to the allegations, Ostrem said,"What it appears she's trying to do is, she got in trouble and now she's trying to spin some history where this whole thing is based on the sexual harassment or sexual discrimination. And that's not what happened."[2]

The recall petition was not filed, as Kopman could not collect enough signatures.

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