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Jennifer Maertz
Candidate for
New York State Senate District 1

Political party Democratic
Profession Attorney
Website Campaign website
Jennifer Maertz was a Democratic candidate for District 1 of the New York State Senate. The primary election was on September 14, 2010, and the general election was on November 2.



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Maertz was uncontested in the September 14 Democratic primary. Maertz was a last-minute replacement on the ballot after Regina Calcaterra was disqualified over the residency requirement.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag Maertz also ran on the Working Families Party tickets.


Jennifer Maertz Radio Spot[1]

Campaign themes

Maertz campaign website lists several main issues:

  • Budget Reform: "Jennifer believes that taxpayers deserve an accurate assessment of where and how state money is being spent. To cut the $9.2 billion budget deficit, New York should take measures similar to what New York City took during the 1970s: including institution of GAAP reform, making significant cuts in targeted areas over time, and eliminating the practice of using “one-shot” revenues to balance the state budget."
  • School Aid Reform: "The current school aid formula provides Long Island with 12 percent of all state aid for education, even though Long Island educates 17 percent of New York’s children. This has led to an aid deficit of $1.1 billion for Long Island schools ($600 million for Suffolk County) which homeowners and parents are forced to pay through property taxes. Jennifer will fight to re-write the school aid formula."
  • Ethics & Government Reform: "As an experienced fighter for reform, Jennifer will push for reform in Albany on several levels. She has already proved early on in this campaign her unwavering commitment to reforming Albany by proudly signing pledges with NY Uprising to support major reforms in three areas."
  • Quality of Life & Safe Communities: "Jennifer will make it a priority to find funding in the state budget for new classes of state police. In addition, more resources should be added without depleting current patrols or task forces to combat the insurgence of heroin and gangs. Criminal penalties should be increased and law enforcement given the proper resources and tools to defeat and deter gang and drug activity."
  • Jobs: "Over the past 10 years, Long Island has created practically zero net new jobs according to the state Labor Department -- almost no job creation at all. Over the past six years -- going back to when Republicans were in charge and we did have Empire Zones, and before the recession -- we actually have been losing jobs. We need a 21st-century job strategy."
  • Clean Environment & Strong Open Space Policies: "The First Senatorial District is home to the most brilliant, important and fragile ecosystem in the country. Priority must be given to long-term protection of marine regions, agriculture, air quality and open space. A number of diverse, but interrelated environmental issues must be addressed in the state Legislature consistent with this priority."
  • Energy: "Traditionally, Long Island has paid among the region’s and nation’s highest electricity rates, although rates have stabilized in recent years. Recent growing pains in the demand and infrastructure of Long Island’s energy infrastructure have created reason for concern and the state Legislature must play a critical oversight role."
  • Marriage Equality: "Jennifer is a strongly committed to ensuring marriage equality for all couples and families in New York, and when she is elected she will replace a senator who continues to vote against marriage rights for all."
  • Reproductive Freedoms for Women: "When Jennifer is elected to the New York State Senate, she will replace a long-term, anti-choice Republican/Conservative insider. She would strongly support and work toward passage of the New York Reproductive Health Act."

Contact info




  • 631-775-8560

Mailing address

130 Middle Country Road
Middle Island, NY

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