Jill Cunningham, Cathey Grimes and Scott Sublette recall, Yoncalla School Board, Oregon (2010)

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Jill Cunningham, Cathey Grimes and Scott Sublette were recalled from their positions as members of the school board of the Yoncalla School District in Douglas County, Oregon in a recall election that took place on November 2, 2010.[1]

The recall was organized by Sheila Cox.[2] She objected to their continued service on the school board because:

"She accuses the three board members of rashly selling the district's bus fleet to a private busing company, of failing to perform an adequate background check on the district's new superintendent Marc Thielman, for unquestioningly agreeing with Thielman's agenda, and for failing to respond when Thielman danced in an Elvis costume at a school assembly."[2]

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