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Jim Atchison

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Jim Atchison
Candidate for
Mississippi State House, District 116

Political party Republican
Profession Real Estate
Website Campaign Website
Jim Atchison was a candidate in the 2011 special election for District 116 of the Mississippi House of Representatives. Although party affiliation is not listed on the special election ballot, Atchison is a Republican.[1] The special election takes place on January 11, 2011. He was running to fill the seat vacated by Steven Palazzo (R) who was elected to the U.S. House in the November 2, 2010 general election. Atchison was defeated in a special election run-off on February 1.

Atchison served in the Airforce, working in the intensive care unit as a medic on the open heart surgery team. In the early 1990s, he served as a Harrison county deputy. Beginning in 1993, Atchison began a career in real estate. In 1996, he opened a branch office for a major real estate agency, operating it until 1999. In 1999, he started a RE/MAX office in Biloxi. He is married to his wife, Rebecca. They have four children.[2]

Campaign themes


Atchison's 2011 special election campaign site emphasizes several key policy positions and campaign themes:

  • Economy: "I believe that the key to our economic recovery is through small business and local jobs, not big government expansion and over regulation. Small businesses employ local workers and provide revenue to our cities, counties and state. Federal government intervention and stimulus spending are simply increasing our deficit..."
  • Education: "Education is the cornerstone to the success of a community, state or nation. Although I am a small business owner and not a teacher, I believe that the success of our community and state is directly tied to education...We are spending more on education today than at any time in our history yet our teachers are still taking money out of their own pockets to provide the basic necessities they require in their classrooms."
  • Healthcare/Obamacare: "Aside from being unconstitutional, I don’t believe our government can effectively run our health care system. Health care needs and options should be decided by the patient and physician not by the Federal government..."
  • Immigration: "Legal immigration is what makes the United States the greatest country in the world. I fully support legal immigration but do not support illegal immigration or benefits for illegal immigrants. The lax policies of our Federal government and the lack of responsibility in protecting our borders make it easier to cross the border illegally than to fly on a commercial airliner legally. As your Representative in Jackson I will fight against businesses who hire illegal workers while law abiding business owners find it difficult or impossible to compete."
  • Insurance: "The cost of homeowner’s insurance on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is the single biggest factor that is keeping South Mississippi from rebuilding and growing after Hurricane Katrina. Until we find affordable solutions to the insurance crisis in Mississippi, homeownership will never be truly affordable. In many cases, homeowner’s premiums are nearly as high as the mortgage payment on their homes."
  • Second Amendment: "As a former Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy and Air Force Veteran, I fully support the second amendment and the individual right to keep and bear arms."



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Atchison and Casey Eure (R) garnered the most votes in the January 11, 2011 special election to Mississippi House of Representatives District 116. The proceeded to a run-off, but Atchison was defeated.[3][4][5]



Jim Atchison for District 16

904 Camp Four Jacks Rd.

Biloxi, MS 39532

Phone: 228-324-4448

Email: To email the campaign use the webform here.

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