Joe Riboli, Lauren Sinnott and David Ingham recall, Point Arena, California (2011)

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An effort to recall Joe Riboli, Lauren Sinnott, David Ingham and Eloisa Oropeza from their elected positions as members of the city council of the City of Point Arena in Mendocino County was launched in February 2011.[1]

Riboli, Sinnott, Ingham and Oropeza are four of the five members of Point Arena's city council. The fifth member, Mayor Terry Hughey, who is the husband of recall target Eloisa Oropeza, is new to the city council and is not targeted in the recall attempt.[1]

Brian and Caitlin Riehl are leaders in the recall effort. Riehl resigned from his position on the city council in January 2011 after the city council fired Claudia Hillary, who had been the city clerk/administrator. This firing has been referred to by recall supporters as a "ruthless termination."

Point Arena has a population of 450. It was established in 1868 and incorporated as a city in 1908.[1]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers will need to circulate a separate petition for each of the four recall targets. About 75 signatures must be gathered on each set of petitions, or 30% of Point Arena's 246 registered voters.[1]

Cost of election

See also: Costs of administering local elections

The estimated cost of administering the recall election, if it goes to a vote, is $5,000.[1]

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