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John Paul (Jack) Lindblad

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John Paul (Jack) Lindblad
Jack Lindblad.jpg
Candidate for
California State Assembly District 39
PartyGreen Party
ProfessionArchitecture and Urban Design and Planning
Campaign website
John Paul (Jack) Lindblad was a 2012 Green Party candidate for District 39 of the California State Assembly.

Lindblad currently represents the 18th California Senate District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley on the Los Angeles County Council.


In a biography submitted to Ballotpedia, Lindblad provided the following information:[1]
"Applying pragmatism in my community efforts - rejecting unreasonableness and impracticality, an with proven leadership, I haveg contributed to the community over the years. Taking no corporate donations nor the beholdence that is part of the bargain, being an effective squeaky wheel in advocacies for health-care patient rights against Big Insurance, advocating for local water reliance, seeing success in being the lead author and presenter of the award-winning Panorama City commercial area revitalization plan, experience of meeting project budgets and payroll as a small business, supporting community grass-root efforts, including forming neighborhood councils, co-authoring sustainable community plans, stopping gentrification, revitalizing the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed, and in helping to tip the balance in the 'No on B' winning effort to provide unfettered solar power to Los Angeles stakeholders - against the 2009 Los Angeles City initiative - what amounted to a solar power grab.

"I'm running for public office in the community where I have helped form neighborhood councils and help revitalize commercial and transit hubs with green and sustainable plans that have been passed by City Council, signed by then Mayor Hahn, included as community specific plan overlays for Panorama City's Commercial Area, winning local, statewide and nationwide professional association recognition - whose three determinants for development: transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use - linking land use to lowering carbon emissions - were later adopted as Senate Bill 375 that linked land use to global greenhouse gas reduction, passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor to provide mechanisms to meet California’s AB 32 Climate Change Act 2020 requirements. My Green-values platform bases development not on developers – rather on bio-regional determinism to meet California’s codified goal of reducing global greenhouse gases by one-third based on 1990 levels by 2020. My work helps stop urban sprawl, Kelo-eminent domain, and gentrification, while advancing District-wide multi-modal rapid transit."
"Seeing the political, social, ecological and economic collapses, I have known through my activist life, science has not led the public policy. I am compelled to advance the four pillars and other key values of the Green Party in the Legislature to put the science in front of the public policy, representing all my constituents, not greedy corporations feigning as human beings.

My philosophy of having a low carbon footprint while making a livelihood means meeting the climate change challenge for my architecture firm's projects and for my legislative agenda. The two venues share the same goal: To require all new construction and remodeling to meet ahead of the State of California 2030 target of a graduated reduction of fossil fuel usage to zero by implementing innovative sustainable design and tax strategies, encouraging transit-oriented, pedestrian friendly, mixed-use development, generating on-site renewable power and/or certified renewable energy credits and relocalizing food production, water resources, energy, monetary exchange (banking), material goods. The overall objective is to 'get off the grid' and 'get off oil' by achieving net-zero-energy performance. Social justice issues are inextricably tied to environmental justice and must be part of the environmental agenda.

Public service now pays higher than their private sector equivalents. Not even parity, but higher. Public service was once a calling to those were knew they were providing service to the public and accepted less for the privilege of being incorruptible public servants. Not anymore, that day is long past and the public is far worse off for it.

I will unify and inclusively bridge across our diverse communities, by not playing favorites, but seeing all boats rise, here, along the western slopes of the San Gabriel mountains - to herald a future expanding the current 100 billion dollar a year ecotourism industry in California to attain an eco-tourist paradise where our District communities serve as portals to the Angeles Crest National Park and as multi-modal transportation and commercial hubs to active and passive recreation of a rewilded Los Angeles River and its urbanized tributary washes reaching into the upper, forested Tujunga-Pacoima watershed.

We cannot attain our state-mandated global greenhouse gas reductions if we have self-absorbed politicians facilitating developer interests and allowing lobbyists write and author legislation to make end-arounds of the law for private unjust enrichment. That's my job as your elected representative. We must stop the lobbyist, their third house control and corruption of the Legislature - if we are to mitigate and adapt to Climate Disruption, and revitalize habitat to survive as a species.[1]

Published articles, comprising calls to actions:

  • Truly: Our species is staring at the impending end of life as we know it. Call to Actions [1]
  • Viva la Raza! Relocalization, Stopping Corruption is Key to Sustainability [2]
  • Green Jobs New Deal – Four Pillars – Ten Key Values [3]
  • Los Angeles City Council corrupt politicians ‘give permission’ for exercise of the rights of Occupy – obtaining in return – a controversial “responsible banking incentive” measure. [4]
  • Oligarchical duopoly’s rolling shut down of US government – General Strike! – World stops paying bill for US military [5]
  • last minute Desperate Duopolist Deception/Sell-out to Raise Debt Ceiling [last minute Desperate Duopolist Deception/Sell-out to Raise Debt Ceiling]
  • My public comment for the Commission on the 21st Century Economy, received, read and acknowledged by Governor Schwarzenegger, posted under ""Public Comments"" - as a pdf [6], draws together the economic and ecological collapses' connectedness to urge a steady state economy and tax policy based on relocalization and bio-regional determinism to retire endemic deficit spending and adapt to, mitigate, and restore ecological services from climate change by reducing emissions 70% by 2015 for a less than 2 °C rise from 2000 levels to avoid escalating, horrific effects of deepening social, economic and ecological collapse beyond the capacity of governments to respond."[1]

  • Participated and prevailed in the ‘debate’ amongst the four other candidates for this 2012 election (One corporatist Democrat was a non-show) at a forum held at Los Angeles Mission College Saturday, April 14, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM - entitled: ‘Our Community, Our Decision!’ Los Angeles Universal Preschool, one of the hosts, focussed the moderator questions on education.
  • Participating with David Cobb’s National group, Move to Amend to abolish corporate personhood as a local organizer and presenter in the East San Fernando Valley.
  • Presenting panelist of the Global Warming Conference presented by the Climate Justice Coalition of Southern California, a production of Grassroots KPFK on the panel: “Going Beyond Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy”
  • My testimony before the City Redistricting Commission, joined by 50 local residents, helped win the communities of the upper and lower Sunland-Tujunga watershed expressed desire, along with my arguments in favor of keeping the lower watershed (Hidden Hills, Lake View Terrace, Foothill Trails District) in the same district as the upper watershed, mountain pass communities. The Commission agreed with us and redrew the city council lines per the communities’ request. Together, we succeeded.
  • Describing the challenge to revitalize my District's Tunjunga-Pacoima Watershed, seeing it published in my District's local newspaper, the North Valley Reporter to advocate sustainable and future focus and ecological wisdom issues in my community. Posted on my blogspot: Local water shortages loom closer for the Los Angeles regional community [7]
  • Co-author and presenter, Sustainable Communities award-winning Panorama City Urban Design Assistance Team Study [8] for developing of a sustainable historic commercial area in cooperation with the Los Angeles City Council and Planning Department.
  • Candidate for Pacifica's foundation radio station KPFK Listener-Sponsor Board in 2007. Advanced my stance on the exigent of free speech radio to my District constituents.
  • Participant, May 2006 Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Immigration Rallies. Identified and sided with issues familiar to my District constituents.
  • Participant in rallies and demonstrations for the impeachment of the Bush regime.
  • Participant in San Fernando Valley-based vigil demonstrations against the US war in Iraq. Called out in the public sphere the adverse nature of oil-dependence, global warming and the US economic draft to oppress indigenous rights and expropriate indigenous ecological services (also known as natural resources) around the world."[1]
  • Panelist/speaker on climate change and water at USC's town hall forum, sponsored by Focus the Nation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young people to help accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy economy, co-sponsored with the USC Institute for Genetic Medicine and the USC Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics.
  • Member of the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley Livable Communities Council - stopping urban sprawl and Kelo-eminent domain, gentrification, I have supported community grassroots efforts, forming neighborhood councils, advocating District-wide multimodal rapid transit, revitalizing the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed, assisting in the 'No on B' win to provide unfettered solar power for stakeholders and assisting in the successful effort keeping the foothill and upper watershed communities in one city council district.[1]

During the election cycle interstitial moments, I have doggedly used facebook to increase public awareness and education of the worst environmental catastrophes in history to circumnavigate the US military and government full spectrum dominance news disinformation and blackout: the 2010 British Petroleum Horizon Oil Rig Explosion and Volcano Disaster and the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster from three nuclear reactor meltdowns. Both these events were real-world examples of Anthropogenic Disaster Capitalism. Leading up to the 99% movement, I put up hundreds of links and commentary pointing to wealth disparities and inequities which have now surpassed the gap during Roman times.


  • Green Party of the United States, California and Los Angeles County Council
  • Economic Alliance of the San Fermando Valley, Livable Communities Committee
  • Move to Amend - East San Fernando Valley, local contact
  • East San Fernando Valley Greens Local, Founder and Co-coordinator
  • Advocacy for Pacoima Canyon, Founder and Co-coordinator


Campaign themes


In a biography submitted to Ballotpedia, Lindblad listed the following as issues of his campaign:[1]

top three policy priorities - once elected

1. Jobs - Living wage Green jobs - Public policy needs to ‘listen the science’ to build a sustainable economy made of relocalized (meaning to make local again) manufacturing clean energy industries and creating conditions so that small businesses can thrive. I will not stop fighting until every person in our District who needs a job can get one. My efforts to revitalize the Pacoima-Tujunga watershed will add thousands of living wage jobs and make up the current deficit of active and passive green open space while lessening the dependency on State water by relocalizing our water resources by increasing ground water absorption after utilizing Super Fund matching funds to clean toxified plumes - especially from the area’s mainstay aerospace and automotive industry hexavalent chromium waste that threaten to further contaminate our aquifer.

Watershed protection from contaminants, while safely increasing our groundwater aquifer recharge eases our region’s dependency energy-intensive long-distance water from the Delta, Central Valley, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

We relocalize material and consumer products by promoting the next wave of the digital revolution - created by on-site, low-cost, do-it-yourself, three-dimensional printing by incentivizing libraries to offer peer-to-peer tutoring programs in ‘hacker spaces’ or ‘maker spaces’ that encourage business-start-ups, lower energy costs of supply chains and lower equipment capitalization costs.

Of particular interest to Sunland-Tujunga is my advocacy of utilizing our unique mountain pass geography to focus burgeoning eco-tourism development to see our communities become portals for recreationalists and eco-tourists to the forested wilderness of the upper watershed.

2. Education - To restore California’s former preeminence: Fully funded tuition free public education par excellence bar none from pre-k through 16 for all. Zero-tolerance for bloated administration. Forgive student debt - that has skyrocketed six-fold over the past 30 years. Restore the historic spending rate of five to one on education over prisons.

Our world-class preeminence in education was based on the California Dream 40 years ago when education greatly outspent prisons. Over the past 40 years, California lost its world competitiveness in education, having a skilled workforce, and making demonstrable progress to climate change mitigation, adaptation and revitalization - by spending 7 to 1 on prisons over education, unintended abuse by corporate unjust enrichment of the original mission of Proposition 13 to keep low income and elderly in their homes, extending endless lobbyist ‘third house control over the Legislature, corporate loophole welfare, 'independent' campaign/non-profit abuse, and the sucking sound from war profiteering- all drains on every state budget. Hardly a state budget is solvent.

3. Quality of Life - with Healthier outcomes with more parks, lowered impact development, Los angeles River and Sunland-Tujungsa atershed revitalization, net-zero energy building, pedestrian-friendly communities.

Relocalizing electrical energy by increasing solar installations on individual dwellings and businesses with incentives from Feed-In-Tariffs to offset carbon-based existing energy supply costs - will lower our carbon footprint, lower energy costs and lower healthcare costs from less air and ground contamination.

Relocalized food production will add to community-based economics from local fruit and produce gardens. Better food security and healthy food will result in lower healthcare costs from lower incidence of cancer and chronic disease.

Stop Strip Mining in Sylmar. Save the Oak Trees. Stop oversized elder care housing complex proposed for 11762 Fenton Ave Lake View Terrace. Protect Lopez Canyon Restoration. Save 50+ Oak Trees at El Cariso Park. because it is a two-way trip. Mitigate DWP Sediment removal and transport from Pacoima Reservoir on Hubbard Ave major thoroughfare to May Site above Olive View Hospital. Stop oversized Samoa Ave Housing development in Sunland. Save Verdugo Hills Golf Course with Storm Water Project. Capture, cleanse and store storm water, provide flood protection, increase water conservation, enhance habitat protection, and preserve open space. Stop blanket city-wide rezoning. Quality of Life. Massive unemployment. Lack of Green Jobs. Corruption and favoritism by the clique of corrupt electeds who represent developer and corporate interest. No addressing community interest by electeds of keeping neighborhoods integral. Education tuition hikes, classes lacking. Skyrocketing prices from commodity speculation. Foreclosures, the adverse impact on families, the neighborhood, and the community. Food security. Locally-grown produce. Publicly funded political campaign reform. Inequity of Citizen United: democracy to the deepest pockets. Compliance with SB 375 requiring development to meet transit-friendly, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented criteria to meet 2020 required 1/3 global greenhouse gas reductions. Financial market seizure and freezing small business loans to expand or meet payroll. Dependence on oil-based economy. Gang injunctions merely suppress anti-social behavior. Availability and quality of water. Lack of adequate global warming mitigation to avert massive environmental and human catastrophes with human extinction looming.

I choose the high road in my campaign, rooted in the Green four pillars and 10 key values - my three campaign issues are encapsulated by supporting and advancing legislation to:

1) save our neighborhoods - by transformation of a failed-growth economy to a steady-state, 100% renewable energy economy, relocalized energy, get off the grid, rewilding, restoration of Tujunga-Pacoima watershed ecological services, mediation of home loans to halt foreclosures, to lower the loan value and payments to stabilize neighborhoods, families, and the community.

2) stop payola politics - with a ban of all corporatist lobbying and campaign spending with implementation of public financing of elections,

3) protect rights, not raids - to ensure Human Dignity and fair Immigration rights by immediately ending immigration raids and deportations.

Focusing on water issues to wean the District away from dependence on water conveyed from long distances at high energy costs, sustainability and a steady-state economy. Single-Payer Health Care - Guaranteed quality universal single payer healthcare for all. Deployment of strategies and tactics to reduce and cope with climate change and promote a healthy environment. Increase Parks and Recreation Areas Emphasis on Early Childhood Care, Education, Mentoring and Sports to Prevent Gang Violence Formation of a 39th Assembly District Representative Council New Bus and Rail Lines Connecting Transportation Nodes Expanded Mission Community College

Ingredients of solving the State budget shortfall crisis in my 2008 position paper: lowering the sales tax, insuring California's fair share of the Federal reallocations to the States, and closing speculative developer tax loopholes - are part of a August 5, 2010 proposal suggested by Senator President pro Tem Steinberg to recover Federal taxes directly to the taxpayer, making modest increases in taxes that are federally deductible, while dramatically cutting the state sales tax, closing an unfair loophole for big oil companies and delaying new corporate tax breaks.

1. Cut military spending at least 90%.

2. Create millions of green Living wage jobs through massive public investment in renewable energy, mass transit and conservation.

3. Set ambitious, science-based greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and enact a revenue-neutral carbon tax to meet them.

4. Establish universal, quality single-payer ""Medicare for all"" health care.

5. Fully fund free pre-K through 16 public, lower through higher education.

6. Replace all existing trade agreements with those to improve labor, environmental, consumer, health and safety standards.

7.Decriminalize marijuana and treat drug abuse and addiction as a matter of public health, rehabilitation and education rather than a criminal matter.

8. Enact tough limits on credit card interest and lending rates, progressive tax reform and strict financial regulation. Return all illegally seized, bank-held property to their rightful owners. Break up the mega-banks with Local banks that reinvest in the Community.

9. Amend the U.S. Constitution to abolish corporate personhood.

10. Pass sweeping electoral, campaign finance and anti-corruption reforms. Return all lobbyist donations to the public coffers. Campaign reform with public financing by a check off your tax return - necessary for democracy to be resuscitated. Stop the lobbyist third house from owning the legislators and writing the legislation.

11. Institute proportional representation - retire the electoral 'college' - Implement Instant runoff voting to ensure grassroots democracy and save taxpayer funds spent on elections.




See also: California State Assembly elections, 2012

Lindblad ran in the 2012 election for California State Assembly District 39. He was eliminated in the blanket primary on June 5, 2012. [2][3]

California State Assembly, District 39 Blanket Primary, 2012
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngRichard Alarcon 26.9% 8,567
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngRaul Bocanegra 36.2% 11,521
     Democratic Kevin J. Suscavage (write-in) 0% 2
     Republican Ricardo Benitez 15.8% 5,037
     Republican Margie Margarita Carranza 5.3% 1,697
     Republican Omar Cuevas 8.2% 2,596
     Green Jack Lindblad 7.6% 2,421
Total Votes 31,841

LA County Council

Lindblad won re-election to the Los Angeles County Council in 2012 representing the 18th California Senate District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. He ran as a member of the Green Party.[1]



See also: California State Assembly elections, 2010

Lindblad was defeated in the November 2 general election by incumbent Democrat Felipe Fuentes.[4] He received 21.8% of the vote.[1]

LA County Council

Lindblad won re-election to the Los Angeles County Council in 2010 representing the 20th California Senate District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. He ran as a member of the Green Party.[1]



Lindblad was a Green Party candidate for the 39th Assembly Seat in 2008. He was defeated, receiving 8.06% of the vote.[1]

LA County Council

Lindblad won re-election to the Los Angeles County Council in 2008 representing the 20th California Senate District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. He ran as a member of the Green Party.[1]


LA County Council

Lindblad won election to the Los Angeles County Council in 2006 representing the 20th California Senate District in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. He ran as a member of the Green Party.[1]



Lindblad was a candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party for the 24th US Congressional Seat in 1992. He was defeated, receiving 5.4% of the vote.[1]

LA County Central Committee

Lindblad won re-election to the Los Angeles County Central Committee in 1992 as a member of the Peace and Freedom Party.[1]



Lindblad was a candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party for the 43rd California Assembly Seat in 1990. He was defeated, receiving 4.23% of the vote.[1]

LA County Central Committee

Lindblad won election to the Los Angeles County Central Committee in 1990 as a member of the Peace and Freedom Party.[1]

Campaign donors

As of April 11, 2012, Lindblad lists his campaign donors as follows:

  • Michael Feinstein
  • Sandi Stiassni
  • Amelia Anderson
  • Green Party of California

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