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(2011-2012 Session)
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'''[[Wisconsin State Assembly|Assembly Members]]:'''
'''[[Wisconsin State Assembly|Assembly Members]]:'''
* Rep. [[Robin Vos]] '''Co-Chair'''
{{reddot}} Rep. [[Robin Vos]] '''Co-Chair''' <br>
* Rep. [[Mark Gottlieb]] '''Vice-Chair'''
{{reddot}} Rep. [[Mark Gottlieb]] '''Vice-Chair''' <br>
* Rep. [[Dan Meyer]]
{{reddot}} Rep. [[Dan Meyer]] <br>
* Rep. [[Daniel LeMahieu]]
{{reddot}} Rep. [[Daniel LeMahieu]] <br>
* Rep. [[John Nygren]]
{{reddot}} Rep. [[John Nygren]] <br>
* Rep. [[Pat Strachota]]
{{reddot}} Rep. [[Pat Strachota]] <br>
* Rep. [[Tamara Grigsby]]
{{bluedot}} Rep. [[Tamara Grigsby]] <br>
* Rep. [[Jennifer Shilling]]
{{bluedot}} Rep. [[Jennifer Shilling]]

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The Joint Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature.


2011-2012 Session

Assembly Members:

Republican Party Rep. Robin Vos Co-Chair
Republican Party Rep. Mark Gottlieb Vice-Chair
Republican Party Rep. Dan Meyer
Republican Party Rep. Daniel LeMahieu
Republican Party Rep. John Nygren
Republican Party Rep. Pat Strachota
Democratic Party Rep. Tamara Grigsby
Democratic Party Rep. Jennifer Shilling

Senate Members:

Republican Party Sen. Alberta Darling Co-Chair
Republican Party Sen. Luther Olsen Vice-Chair
Republican Party Sen. Sheila Harsdorf
Republican Party Sen. Joe Leibham
Republican Party Sen. Glenn Grothman
Republican Party Sen. Randy Hopper
Democratic Party Sen. Lena Taylor
Democratic Party Sen. Bob Jauch

2009-2010 Session

Assembly Members:

Senate Members:

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