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===2011-2012 Session===
===2011-2012 Session===
{{reddot}} Sen. Michael Ellis <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. [[Michael Ellis]] <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. Dale Schultz <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. [[Dale Schultz]] <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. Alberta Darling <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. [[Alberta Darling]] <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. Pam Galloway <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. [[Pam Galloway]] <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. Joseph Leibham <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. [[Joseph Leibham]] <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. Scott Fitzgerald <br>
{{reddot}} Sen. [[Scott Fitzgerald]] <br>
{{bluedot}} Sen. Jon Erpenbach <br>
{{bluedot}} Sen. [[Jon Erpenbach]] <br>
{{bluedot}} Sen. Mark Miller <br>
{{bluedot}} Sen. [[Mark Miller]] <br>
{{bluedot}} Sen. Lena Taylor <br>
{{bluedot}} Sen. [[Lena Taylor]] <br>
* Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald
* Rep. [[Jeff Fitzgerald]]
* Rep. John Nygren
* Rep. [[John Nygren]]
* Rep. Joan Ballweg
* Rep. [[Joan Ballweg]]
* Rep. Scott Suder
* Rep. [[Scott Suder]]
* Rep. Sandy Pasch
* Rep. [[Sandy Pasch]]
* Rep. Bill Kramer
* Rep. [[Bill Kramer]]
* Rep. Terese Berceau
* Rep. [[Terese Berceau]]
* Rep. Robin Vos
* Rep. [[Robin Vos]]
* Rep. Peter Barca
* Rep. [[Peter Barca]]
* Rep. Dean Kaufert
* Rep. [[Dean Kaufert]]
* Rep. Tamara Grigsby
* Rep. [[Tamara Grigsby]]
===2009-2010 Session===
===2009-2010 Session===

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The Joint Legislative Council Committee is a standing committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature.


2011-2012 Session

Republican Party Sen. Michael Ellis
Republican Party Sen. Dale Schultz
Republican Party Sen. Alberta Darling
Republican Party Sen. Pam Galloway
Republican Party Sen. Joseph Leibham
Republican Party Sen. Scott Fitzgerald
Democratic Party Sen. Jon Erpenbach
Democratic Party Sen. Mark Miller
Democratic Party Sen. Lena Taylor

2009-2010 Session

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