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The Joint Legislative Council Committee is a standing committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature.


Every subject proposed by the legislature for study or investigation during the interim between legislative sessions shall be referred to the council and considered by the appropriate committee of the council. If the council determines that the proposed study or investigation is feasible and is not within a subject already assigned, it shall appoint a committee to conduct such study or investigation. The council, through its committees, may also make such surveys and studies, and compile such data, information and records, on any question, as in its judgment will be beneficial to the general welfare of this state.[1][2]


The Joint Legislative Council Committee is composed of the Speaker of the Assembly and the President of the Senate, the speaker pro tempore of the assembly and the president pro tempore of the senate, the senate and assembly majority and minority leaders, the 2 cochairpersons of the Joint Finance Committee, the ranking minority member of the Joint Finance Committee from each house and 5 senators and 5 representatives, appointed by the same method as their respective chambers.[3]


The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Joint Legislative Council Committee Members, 2013
Democratic members (8)Republican members (14)
Terese BerceauJoan Ballweg, Co-chair
Peter BarcaLuther Olsen, Co-chair
Sandy PaschRobin Vos
Cory MasonScott Suder
Chris LarsonBill Kramer
Mark MillerJohn Nygren
Fred RisserAmy Loudenbeck
Jennifer ShillingJeff Stone
Alberta Darling
Paul Farrow
Scott Fitzgerald
Joseph Leibham
Jerry Petrowski
Dale Schultz

2011-2012 Session

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