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{{pt1}}[[July 13, 2010 ballot measures in California|July 13]] {{pt2}} [[June 15, 2010 ballot measures in California|June 15]] {{pt3}}'''June 22''' was the [[:Category:California election dates, 2010|tenth date]] in 2010 when [[Local ballot measures, California|local ballot measure elections]] took place in [[California]].
:: ''See also: [[Alameda County, California ballot measures]]''
:: ''See also: [[Alameda County, California ballot measures#June 22|Alameda County, California ballot measures]]''
* [[Alameda Unified School District parcel tax (June 2010)]]
{{defeated}} [[Alameda Unified School District parcel tax, Measure E (June 2010)|'''Measure E:''' Alameda Unified School District parcel tax]]
==See also==
==See also==

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July 13
June 15
June 22 was the tenth date in 2010 when local ballot measure elections took place in California.


See also: Alameda County, California ballot measures

Defeatedd Measure E: Alameda Unified School District parcel tax

See also