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|{{Click || image=clipboard.png | link=Kansas_ballot_measures | width=16px | height=16px }}||[[Kansas_ballot_measures|State measures]]
|{{Click || image=puzzle.png | link=Getting_Started_on_Ballotpedia | width=16px | height=16px }} ||[[Getting_Started_on_Ballotpedia|Contribute]]
|{{Click || image=home.png | link=Kansas local ballot measures | width=16px | height=16px }}||[[Kansas local ballot measures|Local measures]]
|{{Click || image=hammer.png | link=Ballotpedia:Kansas | width=16px | height=16px}} || [[Ballotpedia:Kansas|The Kansas project]]

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2013 election info
Primary election date:
August 7, 2013
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Kansas ballot news

Courtroom Weekly: The final chapter

by: the State Court Staff

We hope you've enjoyed the Courtroom Weekly over the past year. This will be the final article. Judgepedia's state courts team has worked hard to highlight the most interesting cases around the nation each week. If you want to look back at the top state court cases of 2013, check out the Courtroom Weekly page, where all of the past 54 issues are archived.

As we wrap up this series, we're gearing up to start a new weekly news publication: the JP Election Brief! The Brief was started in 2012 and covered judicial election news and analysis. We're bringing it back for the 2014 election cycle, starting on February 13th.

Thanks for reading!

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Kansas Government

State executives
GovernorLieutenant GovernorAttorney GeneralSecretary of StateTreasurerCommissioner of EducationCommissioner of InsuranceSecretary of AgricultureSecretary of Wildlife and ParksSecretary of LaborChairman of Corporation Commission

State legislature
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ConstitutionSupreme Court

Kansas Counties

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