Keep AZ Drug Free

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Keep AZ Drug Free

Leaders of the organization

  • The Board of Directors include:
    • Mr. Devon Engel (Chair of the Board of Directors)
    • Mr. Garth Stevens (Board of Directors Vice Chair and Secretary)
    • Ms. Leslie Bloom (CEO)
    • Mr. Michael J. Nealy (Board of Directors Treasurer)
    • Mr. Tom Ambrose (Founding Chair and Director)
    • Ms. Shirley Baum
    • Ms. Lori Burggraff
    • Mr. Steve Cobb
    • Mr. Doug Hebert
    • Ms. Susie Pulido
    • Mr. Bill Wilson
    • Mr. Brian Wood
    • Mr. Bret Zahn
  • Chair Emeritus
    • Mr. Benton V. Davis
  • Government Committee Chair
    • Mr. M. L. (Andy) Anderson


Measures involved

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Keep AZ Drug Free