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Keep AZ Drug Free

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Leaders of the organization

  • The Board of Directors include:
  • Chair Emeritus
    • Mr. Benton V. Davis
  • Government Committee Chair
    • Mr. M. L. (Andy) Anderson [1]


  • The The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Arizona Affiliate organization is devoted to reducing the amount illicit drug use and encouraging healthy lifestyles for all Arizonans through community-based education.It is a non-profit organization and it's board of directors is a volunteered staff.[2]
  • This organization lists it's recent priorities towards eliminating the trend of teen misuse and abuse of prescription and over the counter drugs; Engaging more parents and caregivers to educate themselves and communicate their learning; Continued focus on preventing the devastating effects of methamphetamine and other drugs on our communities; And building on our successful prevention initiatives to protect Arizona’s youth.[3]

Measures involved in

Important links


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