Kern County, California ballot measures

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Location of Kern County



November 8

See also: November 8, 2011 ballot measures in California


November 2

See also: November 2, 2010 election in California

Approveda Fairfax School District bond proposition, Measure C
Approveda Bakersfield Pension Reform, Measure D
Defeatedd City of California City parcel tax, Measure E
Defeatedd Bear Valley Community Services District parcel tax, Measure F
Defeatedd Kern Valley Health Care District bond proposition, Measure G
Defeatedd North Edwards Water District parcel tax, Measure H

Election results

June 8

See also: June 8, 2010 election in California

ApprovedaApproveda Ridgecrest Trash Collection and Recycling Services, Measures A and B (June 2010)


March 10

See also: March 9, 2010 ballot measures in California

DefeateddDefeateddDefeatedd Tehachapi Unified School District board recall, California, 2010

November 3

See also: November 3, 2009 ballot measures in California.

Approveda Tehachapi Valley Health Care District bond proposition, Measure A (2009)


November 4

See also: November 4, 2008 ballot measures in California.

Approveda Mojave School Measure G bond election, 2008.
Approveda Southern Kern Schools Measure H bond election, 2008.
Approveda Lakeside Union Schools Measure I bond election, 2008.
Approveda Richland Schools Measure J bond election, 2008.
Approveda Pine Mountain Paramedic Training Measure K, 2008.
Approveda Arvin Measure L, 2008.
Defeatedd Ridgecrest Measure N, 2008.

June 3

See also: June 3, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda Wasco Union High Measure C (June 2008).
Approveda Kernville Union School District Measure D (June 2008).
Defeatedd City of McFarland Measure E (June 2008).
Approveda Buttonwillow Recreation and Park District Measure F (June 2008).

February 5

See also: February 5, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda Mojave Unified School bond election, Measure A, February 2008
Approveda Rio Bravo Greeley Union school bond election, Measure B, February 2008


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