Kevin Leung

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Kevin Leung
Kevin Leung.jpg
Candidate, Douglas County School Board, District D
Master'sUniversity of Colorado-Boulder
ProfessionSmall business owner
Campaign website
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Kevin Leung is a candidate seeking office for District D of the Douglas County School District Board of Education. He is currently unopposed. In his first campaign for the District D seat he was defeated by Dan Gerkin.[1] Leung campaigns against increased budget cuts and fund balances, a return to the distinction rating for DCSD, and an increase in instructional contact hours per credit.[2]

Campaign themes

Leung's campaign website listed the following issues for his 2013 campaign:[3]

Maintain academic excellence

"I will work to ensure adequate resources are allocated to the school principals and to ensure more responsive communication with school accountability councils to improve their schools."

Improve financial management

"I will restore efficient use of taxpayers’ money to maximize educational opportunities, reduce class size and restore the lost instructional time in high schools, benefiting both charter and neighborhood schools’ students enrolled to DCSD high schools."

Improve employee morale

"DCSD should seek to attract and retain great employees who can excite and motivate students and work well with parents."

Project funding

"Increase funding for capital maintenance on charter, neighborhood, and alternative school properties."

Charter schools

"Create an advisory committee on charter schools to address charter schools’ concerns, and to promote cooperation between charter and neighborhood schools. I will strive to reform the District Accountability Committee so it will become a truly independent advisory committee that represents the diversity of our school district."

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