City of La Mesa Sales Tax Increase, Proposition L (November 2008)

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Proposition L, or the La Mesa sales tax proposal, appeared on the November 4, 2008 ballot in San Diego County, California for voters in the city of La Mesa.

It asked voters to adopt an ordinance enacting a 3/4 cent sales tax that would last for twenty years.

Proposition L was approved with 55.12% of the vote.

The language on the ballot said:

"To maintain essential City services including natural disaster response/preparedness programs; youth anti-gang/anti-drug prevention; retaining quality firefighters/paramedics and police officers; increasing street paving/pothole repair; enhancing trolley station security; maintaining the senior community center, after school tutoring and recreation programs; and other general services shall the City sales tax be increased by three-quarters of a cent, requiring annual audits, public expenditure reports, with 20 year expiration?"

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