Lander County School District, Nevada

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Lander County School District is a school district in Nevada.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Nevada school district websites

The Lander County School District is located in northeastern Nevada. The school district has an enrollment of approximately 1,300 students.[1]

The good

  • Board of Trustees Meeting agendas[2] and minutes are available on the website.[3]
  • Contact information for each administrative official is available.
  • Academic performance information is readily available on the website.
  • The contract between the Board and the Lander County Classroom Teacher's Association is posted on the district's website.[4]

The bad

  • While the website lists the names of each member of the Board, it does not provide individual contact information for them, nor does it state when the members were elected.
  • No information is provided regarding taxes.
  • The district's website does not provide any information regarding vendor contracts.
  • Budget information is not found on the district's website.
  • No information regarding audits is available on the district's web page.
  • The district's web page offers no information on making a request for public records.

School Board of Trustees

The school board is responsible for adopting an annual budget for the school district based on the educational plan for the district and the recommendations of the administrators. In addition, he board supervises the execution of the budget, reviews school district accounts and provides for an annual audit of the accounts as required by law. The school board is also responsible for adopting academic standards for pupils and establishing expectations for the district. The school board monitors student academic achievement and exercises general oversight of the schools in the district.[5]

The following are School Board Trustees[6]:

Kathleen Ancho

John Davis, Clerk

Art Clark III

Joel Lenz

Sue Davis, President

Jan Morrison

Michelle Hammersmark

Contact information for the district office is posted on the webpage listing the board of trustees members, but no individual contact information is available for any member.[7]

Board meeting minutes[8] and agendas[9] are available on the website.


In 2008, the Board entered into a three-year contract with the Lander County Classroom Teachers Association.[10] The contract provided for a 2.3% salary increase in the 2008-09 academic year and stated the increases in the following two fiscal years were limited to step and column increases.[11]

Financial Information

The district received 49% of its funding in the 2007-08 academic year from state sources, 42% of its funding comes from local sources, and the remaining 9% is from the federal government.[12]

The district spends on average $8,326 per pupil, whereas the Nevada state average is an expenditure of $7,742 per pupil.[13]

Academic Performance

School Name School Level Adequate Yearly Progress Classification School Designation
Austin Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Austin Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Austin High School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Battle Mountain Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Eleanor Lemaire Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Battle Mountain Junior High School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Battle Mountain High School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate


Main article: Nevada government sector lobbying

The school district does not participate in lobbying activities. The school district does not pay any fees or donate to any political action committee or candidate.[14] It belongs to the Nevada Association of School Boards, government sector lobbying association.[14]

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