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Laws governing citizen grand juries in Nevada

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Nevada is one of six states that allow citizens to collect signatures on petitions in order to request a county grand jury to convene. NRS 6.130 (Nevada Revised Statutes) governs the process.

A affidavit to summon a grand jury must be filed with the clerk by a committee of petitioners consisting of five registered voters from the county in question. No later than 180 days after the affidavit has been filed, a petition must be filed containing the signatures of registered voters equal in number to at least 25 percent of the number of voters voting within the county at the last preceding general election.

The county clerk is given 20 days from the time that petition is filed to scrutinize and certify the signatures as legal and numerically sufficient. If the petition is deemed to be sufficient, the clerk presents a certificate to that effect to the county court, which must then convene the grand jury requested by the petition.

Permissible summoning of grand jury by filing of affidavit or petition by taxpayer

NRS 6.130 says:

"In any county, if the statute of limitations has not run against the person offending, the district judge may summon a grand jury after an affidavit or verified petition by any taxpayer of the county accompanied by and with corroborating affidavits of at least two additional persons has been filed with the clerk of the district court, setting forth reasonable evidence upon which a belief is based that there has been a misappropriation of public money or property by a public officer, past or present, or any fraud committed against the county or state by any officer, past or present, or any violation of trust by any officer, past or present. The district judge shall act upon the affidavit or petition within 5 days. If he fails or refuses to recall or summon a grand jury, the affiant or petitioner may proceed as provided in NRS 6.140.

Summoning of grand jury by filing of petition by committee of registered voters

NRS 6.132 A committee of petitioners consisting of five registered voters may commence a proceeding to summon a grand jury pursuant to this section by filing with the clerk of the district court an affidavit.

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