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The Constitution of the State of Georgia authorizes the General Assembly to "provide by general law for the recall of public officials who hold elective office." This provision is found in Article II, Section II, Paragraph IV. Georgia law provides for the recall of all elected officials.

Registration of a recall committee

The relevant legislation requires at least one of the following grounds for calling a recall election:

  • an act of malfeasance or misconduct while in office,
  • violation of the oath of office,
  • failure to perform duties prescribed by law, or
  • willfully misusing, converting, or misappropriating, without authority, public property or public funds entrusted to or associated with the elective office to which the official has been elected or appointed.

Signature requirement

The number of valid signatures required for a recall election is 15 percent of the number of persons that voted in the last preceding election for the office of incumbent being recalled.

Circulating the recall petition

Circulation of the recall petition must be completed within 90 days after registration.

Contact information

Georgia State Elections Division
1104 West Tower, 2 MLK, Jr. Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30334-1530
Phone: 404.656.2871

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