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|Committee= Legislative Audit  
|Committee= Legislative Audit  
|year= 2013
|year= 2013
|Dem1= Jason Barickman
|Dem1= Frank J. Mautino
|Demchair1= Co-chair
|Demchair1= Co-chair
|Dem2= Frank J. Mautino
|Dem2= Andy Manar  
|Demchair2= Co-chair
|Dem3= Iris Martinez  
|Dem3= Andy Manar  
|Dem4= John G. Mulroe  
|Dem4= Iris Martinez  
|Dem5= Fred Crespo  
|Dem5= John G. Mulroe  
|Dem6= Robert Rita  
|Dem6= Fred Crespo  
|Rep1= Jason Barickman
|Dem7= Robert Rita  
|Rpechair1 = Co-chair
|Rep1= Bill Brady  
|Rep2= Bill Brady  
|Rep2= Jim Oberweis  
|Rep3= Jim Oberweis  
|Rep3= Rich Brauer  
|Rep4= Rich Brauer  
|Rep4= Sandra M. Pihos  
|Rep5= Sandra M. Pihos  
|Rep5= Ron Sandack  
|Rep6= Ron Sandack  

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Illinois State Legislature
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Legislative Audit
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The Legislative Audit Commission is a joint standing committee of the Illinois State Legislature.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Legislative Audit Members, 2013
Democratic members (6)Republican members (6)
Frank J. Mautino, Co-chairJason Barickman
Andy ManarBill Brady
Iris MartinezJim Oberweis
John G. MulroeRich Brauer
Fred CrespoSandra M. Pihos
Robert RitaRon Sandack


House members

Democratic Party Democrats (2)

Republican Party Republicans (3)

Senate members

Democratic Party Democrats (3)

Republican Party Republicans (2)

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