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Colorado State Legislature
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The Legislative Council Committee is a joint standing committee of the Colorado General Assembly.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Legislative Council Senate Members, 2013
Democratic members (5)Republican members (4)
John MorseBill Cadman
Morgan CarrollKevin Grantham
Lucia GuzmanScott Renfroe
Jeanne NicholsonMark Scheffel
Linda Newell
Legislative Council House Members, 2013
Democratic members (5)Republican members (4)
Mark Ferrandino, Vice ChairBrian DelGrosso
Lois CourtCarole Murray
Dickey Lee HullinghorstKevin Priola
Jovan MeltonMark Waller
Dan Pabon


Note: Mike Kopp resigned October 21, 2011, leaving a vacancy in the committee.[1]

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