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Lewis K. Uhler founded and presides over the National Tax Limitation Committee. NTLC has coalitioned in the past with: Americans for Responsible Privatization, the Council for Retirement Security, and the Tax Cut Working Group.

Political Ties

A long standing conservative politico, Uhler was selected in 1968 by then-Governor Ronald Reagan to serve on the California Law Revision Committee. Two years later, Reagan again tapped Uhler for another task--that of becoming the Governor's State Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. This appointment resulted in Uhler's ascendancy to Reagan's gubernatorial cabinent as Assistant Secretary of the Health & Welfare Agency. In 1972, Governor Reagan asked Uhler to both create and serve (as Chairman) on the Governor's Tax Reduction Task Force. Years later, Uhler would go on to co-author California's Proposition 40 (1990).[1]


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