Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island

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Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor
General information
Office Type:  Partisan
Office website:  Official Link
2013 FY Budget:  $1,104,018
Term limits:  Two consecutive terms
Length of term:   4 years
Authority:  Rhode Island Constitution, Article IX, Section I
Selection Method:  Elected
Current Officeholder

Elizabeth Roberts.jpg
Name:  Elizabeth Roberts
Officeholder Party:  Democratic
Assumed office:  January 2, 2007
Compensation:  $108,808
Next election:  November 4, 2014
Last election:  November 2, 2010
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The Lieutenant Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is an elected Constitutional officer, the second ranking office of the Executive branch, and the first officer in line to succeed the Governor of Rhode Island. The Lieutenant Governor is popularly elected every four years by a plurality and is limited to two consecutive terms.

Current officer

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The 68th and current lieutenant governor is Elizabeth H. Roberts, a Democrat elected in 2006 and 2010.[1]


The state Constitution addresses the office of the lieutenant governor in Article IX, the Executive Department.

Under Article IX, Section I:

The chief executive power of this state shall be vested in a governor, who, together with a lieutenant governor, shall be elected by the people.


Current Governors
Gubernatorial Elections
Current Lt. Governors
Lt. Governor Elections
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Under Article III, Of Qualification for Office, the lieutenant governor must be:

  • a qualified elector of Rhode island
  • not serving a sentence for, on probation for, or on parole for any felony
  • not bound by any other oath of Office, including holding any other state office or holding a federal office


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Rhode Island elects lieutenant governors in the midterm elections, that is, even years that are not Presidential election years. For Rhode Island, 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018 are all lieutenant gubernatorial election years. Legally, the lieutenant gubernatorial inauguration is always set for the first Tuesday in the January following an election. Thus, January 4, 2011 and January 6, 2015 are inaugural days.

Term limits

According to Article IV, Section 1 of the state constitution, no person may hold the office of governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, or treasurer for more than 2 consecutive four-year terms.


The Lieutenant Governor serves as Acting Governor at any time when the elected Governor is unable to do so. If the Lieutenant Governor is also unable to discharge the office, the office devolves to the Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives.


As per the state constitution the lieutenant governor assumes the duties of the governor during any vacancies in the governor's Office or in the event of the incapacitation of the governor.

The Lieutenant Governor has such other responsibilities and duties as the Governor assigns.

State budget

The budget for the Lieutenant Governor's office in Fiscal Year 2013 was $1,104,018.[2]


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The lieutenant governor's pay is set by law and may not be increased or diminished effective during the current term.

In 2012, the Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor was paid an estimated $108,808. This figure comes from the Council of State Governments.

Contact information

Office of the Lt. Governor
116 State House
Providence, RI 02903

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