Like 2009, tax issues dominate 2011 ballot measures once again

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October 3, 2011

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By Bailey Ludlam and Al Ortiz

Political issues found on the ballot in 2011 are few, as they were in the last odd-numbered election year in 2009. 2011 features only 15 political issues, compared to the last even-numbered election in 2010 which touched on more than 40 different topics.

In the latest addition to the analysis of the 2011 ballot measures, a closer look at political topics on the 2011 ballot were reviewed. In the upcoming elections, all 34 ballot measures were assigned at least one issue category. In all, a total of 38 political topics were counted, compared to 32 topics for 32 ballot measures in 2009.

Like 2009, the issue of taxes ranked as the most popular issue with a total of 8 measures. The same is true for 2009, when 8 measures also appeared in the category. No specific trends in tax measures on the ballot were found, as there were a variety of impacts - both tax increases and restrictions - among those tax-related proposals.

In Louisiana, Amendment 1 would prohibit levying new taxes or fees upon the sale or transfer of immovable property. In Washington, Initiative 1125 would prohibit gas tax and toll revenues to be diverted to non-transportation purposes. Moving south, Colorado's Proposition 103 would increase the state income and sales tax.

The second most popular category in the political issue analysis was state budgets at 6, which increased from 2009 by 4. States with those measures on the ballot were Louisiana, which has four, along with Texas and Washington with one each.

Quick statistics

The chart below highlights the most popular issues for 2011:

Top Issues # measures per issue
Taxes 8
State budgets 6
Administration of government 4
Health care 3
Gambling 3
Elections and campaigns 3

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