Lincoln County School District, Nevada

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Lincoln County School District is a school district in Nevada.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Nevada school district websites

Lincoln County School District is located in Southeastern Nevada and serves just under 1,000 students.[1]

The good

  • Contact information, including phone number and email address, for each board member is provided on the website.[2]
  • The Board posts its policies online.[3]
  • Union contracts with classified, supervisory, administrative and certified employees are available on the website.[4]

The bad

  • The website contains no information on requests for public records.
  • No information regarding public records requests is available on the website.
  • While the district posted the 2007-08 budget online, the most recent budgets are not available.[5]
  • Audit information is not posted on the website.

School Board

The school board is responsible for adopting an annual budget for the school district based on the educational plan for the district and the recommendations of the administrators. In addition, the board supervises the execution of the budget, reviews school district accounts and provides for an annual audit of the accounts as required by law. The school board is also responsible for adopting academic standards for pupils and establishing expectations for the district. The school board monitors student academic achievement and exercises general oversight of the schools in the district.[6]

Member Position
Murry K. Whipple President
Mary Jean Lucht President Pro-tem
Janice Barr Clerk
Nikki Carter Treasurer
Ed Wright Board Member

[7] Brief statements from each board member are also on the website.[8]

The five board members are elected to four year terms.[9] The board posts its policies on the website.[10]


The Board's policy manual states "The superintendent is the district’s chief executive officer and has, under the Board’s direction, general supervision of all district schools, personnel and departments. The superintendent is responsible for managing the schools under the Board’s policies and is accountable to the Board for that management."[11] Nykki Holten is the superintendent.[12]

Academic Performance

Annual Yearly Performance for 2008-09 is posted on the district's website.[13]

School AYP Classification for 2008-09 AYP Designation for 2008-09
Caliente Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Pahranagat Valley Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Panaca Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress High Achieving
Pioche Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
C.O. Bastian Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Meadow Valley Middle School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Pahranagat Valley Middle School Made Adequate Yearly Progress High Achieving
C.O. Bastian High School Did Not Make Adequate Yearly Progress Watch
Lincoln County High School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Pahranagat Valley High School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate

Financial Information

In the fiscal year ending in June 2008, the district received from $1,871,323 from local sources, including $1,549,467 from property tax, and $8,894,454 from the state.[14] The district budget does not have an entry under federal funding, but the Nevada Annual Report of Accountability states that 8% of the district's funding, state funding accounted for 70% of the district's funding, and local funding accounted for 22%.[15]

In the 2007-08 academic year, the district spends $13,229 per pupil, compared to the state average expenditure of $7,742 per pupil.[16]

School Choice

Students enrolled in the district can petition the board to attend Lincoln Academy, which offers independent study and distance education. Most work is done over the internet.[17]


Main article: Nevada government sector lobbying

The size of the school district makes lobbying unnecessary.[18] Lincoln County School District relies on other school districts, which will on occasion as for Lincoln's opinion, for lobbying before government agencies.[18] The school board belongs to the Nevada Association of School Boards, a government sector lobbying association.

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