Lionel Rivera and Larry Small recall, Colorado Springs, Colorado (2010)

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An effort to recall Mayor Lionel Rivera and Vice Mayor Larry Small from the Colorado Springs City Council was abandoned when recall organizers failed to collect sufficient signatures to move forward.[1]


Local resident Patrick Ayers launched the unsuccessful effort on November 13, 2009.[2]

According to the filed petitions, Ayers argued that the council members engaged in "fear-mongering" in order to promote a property tax increase. The tax increase was defeated in the November 3, 2009 election. Additionally, Ayers cited the city's efforts to "publicly humiliate Douglas Bruce" in his effort to pass Colorado Springs City Enterprise Measure, 2009.[3]

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Recall supporters, to succeed in their quest to force a recall election, would have had to collect a minimum of 14,337 valid signatures for each council member, for a grand total of 28,600 signatures.[4]

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