List of 2006 South Dakota ballot measures

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This is a historical listing of all ballot measures that made the 2006 ballot in South Dakota.

2006 Election Results

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
LR Amendment C Marriage Define marriage as one man, one woman. Approveda
LR Amendment D Tax reform Property value assessments equal to purchase price. Defeatedd
LR Amendment F Term limits Multiple changes to the Constitution grouped together, including the repeal of term limits, and more. Defeatedd
CISS Amendment E Judicial reform Create a 'Special Grand Jury' to hear cases of alleged judicial misconduct. Defeatedd
CISS Initiative 2 Taxing tobacco Raise taxes on tobacco products. Approveda
CISS School Term Initiative Education Prohibit the start of a school term prior to the last day of August. Defeatedd
CISS Marijuana initiative Marijuana Provide access to medical marijuana. Defeatedd
CISS Public Use of Aircraft Transportation Restrict the use of state owned aircraft to official use only. Approveda
CISS Video Lottery Initiative Gambling Repeal video lottery. Defeatedd
CISS Telecommunications Tax Repeal Business regulation Repeal a 4% telecommunications tax on cell-phone companies. Defeatedd
VR Abortion Referendum Abortion The referral of House Bill 1215, which prohibits all abortions and makes it a felony to perform one. Defeatedd

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