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Some needed clean-up chores as of July 28, 2007:

One of the biggest clean-up chores is with Ballotpedia articles like this one.

Please do not clean this article up prior to or during the August 2 Barnraiser.

The article Cleaning Up Ballotpedia Articles describes the specific steps needed to clean up articles like this one.

Once you know how to clean up articles, click through to the list of all articles on Ballotpedia.

Most of the articles at that link that have an abbreviation in the title need to be cleaned up following these guidelines.

Clean-up steps:

Step One:

Remind yourself about how to clean up an article.

Step Two:

Click through to the list of all pages on Ballotpedia.

Step Three:

In order to avoid duplication of effort during this barnraiser, choose specific articles to clean up from this list by picking articles that start with the same initial as your first name.

Step Four:

Once you have cleaned up two or three articles, you're ready to start and write an altogether new article.