List of Referred Bills in the State of Washington

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Ballot measures
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48 referred bills have been on the statewide ballot in Washington since 1920. A referred bill, in the State of Washington, is a potential state statute placed on the ballot by the Washington State Legislature. The state's legislature has not put a Referred Bill on the ballot since 2002.

The heydey of the Washington legislature putting Referred Bills on the ballot was in 1972, when eight were on the ballot.


See also: Washington 1920 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Trunk Line Highways, Referred Bill 1 (1920)


See also: Washington 1922 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Equalized Compensation for Soldiers, Referred Bill 2 (1922)


See also: Washington 1924 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Electric Power Bills, Referred Bill 3 (1924)


See also: Washington 1936 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Sink Fund for Flood Control, Referred Bill 4 (1936)


See also: Washington 1940 ballot measures

Approveda Washington 40-Mill Tax Limit, Referred Bill 5 (1940)


See also: Washington 1942 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Personal Property Taxation, Referred Bill 6 (1942)


See also: Washington 1950 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Bond Issue for Construction of Public School Plants, Referred Bill 7 (1950)
Approveda Washington Bond Issue for Buildings at State Institutions, Referred Bill 8 (1950)
Defeatedd Washington Bond Issue for Buildings at State Colleges, Referred Bill 9 (1950)


See also: Washington 1958 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Bond Issue for Buildings at State Colleges, Referred Bill 10 (1958)


See also: Washington 1964 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Outdoor Recreation Bond Issue, Referred Bill 11 (1964)
Approveda Washington Bonds of Public School Facilities, Referred Bill 12 (1964)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Juvenile Correctional Institution, Referred Bill 13 (1964)


See also: Washington 1966 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Bonds for Public School Facilities, Referred Bill 14 (1966)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Public Institutions, Referred Bill 15 (1966)
Approveda Washington Congressional Reapportionment and Redistricting, Referred Bill 16 (1966)


See also: Washington 1968 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Water Pollution Control, Referred Bill 17 (1968)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Outdoor Recreation, Referred Bill 18 (1968)
Approveda Washington State Building Projects, Referred Bill 19 (1968)


See also: Washington 1970 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Changes in Abortion Law, Referred Bill 20 (1970)
Approveda Washington Outdoor Recreation Bonds, Referred Bill 21 (1970)
Defeatedd Washington State Building Bonds, Referred Bill 22 (1970)
Approveda Washington Pollution Control Bonds, Referred Bill 23 (1970)


Waste Disposal Facility
See also: Washington 1972 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Lobbyists Regulation, Referred Bill 24 (1972)
Approveda Washington Regulating Campaign Financing, Referred Bill 25 (1972)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Waste Disposal Facilities, Referred Bill 26 (1972)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Water Supply Facilities, Referred Bill 27 (1972)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Public Recreation Facilities, Referred Bill 28 (1972)
Approveda Washington Health, Social Service Facility Bonds, Referred Bill 29 (1972)
Defeatedd Washington Bonds for Public Transportation Improvements, Referred Bill 30 (1972)
Approveda Washington Bonds for Community Colleges, Referred Bill 31 (1972)


See also: Washington 1973 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington County Auditors Appointments, Referred Bill 32 (1973)
Approveda Washington License Plate Fee Usage, Referred Bill 33 (1973)


Advertising image of the Washington State Lottery
See also: Washington 1974 ballot measures

Approveda Washington State Lottery, Referred Bill 34 (1974)


See also: Washington 1975 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Governor Vacancy Limitation, Referred Bill 35 (1975)


See also: Washington 1976 ballot measures

Approveda Washington State Officer Financial Reports, Referred Bill 36 (1976)


See also: Washington 1979 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Handicapped Persons Fund, Referred Bill 37 (1979)


See also: Washington 1980 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Water Supply Facilities Fund, Referred Bill 38 (1980)
Approveda Washington Public Waste Disposal Fund, Referred Bill 39 (1980)


See also: Washington 1986 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Nuclear Waste Disposal, Referred Bill 40 (1986)


See also: Washington 1987 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Federal Reserve Authority Constitutionality, Referred Bill 41 (1987)


911 Dispatch Center
See also: Washington 1991 ballot measures

Approveda Washington 911 Emergency Phone Service Tax, Referred Bill 42 (1991)


See also: Washington 1994 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Cigarette Taxes, Referred Bill 43 (1994)

  • Washington Alcohol Fuel Tax Exemption, Referred Bill 44 (1994) was not submitted to the people due to a court order.


See also: Washington 1995 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, Referred Bill 45 (1995)


Seahawks Stadium
See also: Washington 1997 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Property Tax Limitation, Referred Bill 47 (1997)
Approveda Washington Public Stadium Authority, Referred Bill 48 (1997)


See also: Washington 1998 ballot measures

Approveda Washington Vehicle Excise Taxes, Referred Bill 49 (1998)


See also: Washington 2000 ballot measures
  • Washington Geologist Fees, Referred Bill 50. This measure was not submitted to the state's voters because of a court order.


See also: Washington 2002 ballot measures

Defeatedd Washington Transportation Improvements, Referred Bill 51 (2002)

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