List of U.S. Congress incumbents not running for re-election in 2012

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This page lists the incumbent members of the 112th U.S. Congress who did not run for re-election in the 2012 Congress elections.

A total of 52 members of the 112th U.S. Congerss did not run for re-election, which represented 9.7 percent of the 535 members.

U.S. Senate members

A total of 10 U.S. Senate incumbents did not run for re-election. The 10 retiring incumbents represent 30.3% of incumbents who were eligible to run for re-election.

  • Democratic Party 5 Democrats
  • Republican Party 4 Republicans
  • Independent 1 Independent
Name:Party:Current office:
Ben NelsonElectiondot.png Democratic Nebraska
Daniel AkakaElectiondot.png Democratic Hawaii
Herb KohlElectiondot.png Democratic Wisconsin
Jeff BingamanElectiondot.png Democratic New Mexico
Jim WebbElectiondot.png Democratic Virginia
Joe LiebermanGrey.png Nonpartisan Connecticut
Jon KylEnds.png Republican Arizona
Kay Bailey HutchisonEnds.png Republican Texas
Kent ConradElectiondot.png Democratic North Dakota
Olympia SnoweEnds.png Republican Maine

U.S. House members

A total of 42 total U.S. House incumbents did not run for re-election in 2012. The 42 retiring incumbents represent 9.7% of incumbents who were eligible to run for re-election.

  • Democratic Party 23 Democrats
  • Republican Party 18 Republicans
Name:Party:Current office:
Barney FrankElectiondot.png Democratic Massachusetts, District 4
Bob FilnerElectiondot.png Democratic Mayor of San Diego
Bob TurnerEnds.png Republican New York, District 9
Brad MillerElectiondot.png Democratic North Carolina, District 13
Charles A. "Charlie" GonzalezElectiondot.png Democratic Texas, District 20
Christopher S. MurphyElectiondot.png Democratic Connecticut
Connie MackEnds.png Republican Florida, District 14
Dale E. KildeeElectiondot.png Democratic Michigan, District 5
Dan BorenElectiondot.png Democratic Oklahoma, District 2
Dan BurtonEnds.png Republican Indiana, District 5
David DreierEnds.png Republican California, District 26
Dennis CardozaElectiondot.png Democratic California, District 18
Denny RehbergEnds.png Republican U.S. House, Montana, At-large
Ed TownsElectiondot.png Democratic New York, District 10
Elton GalleglyEnds.png Republican California, District 24
Gary AckermanElectiondot.png Democratic New York, District 5
Geoff DavisEnds.png Republican Kentucky, District 4
Heath ShulerElectiondot.png Democratic North Carolina, District 11
Jay InsleeElectiondot.png Democratic Governor of Washington
Jeff FlakeEnds.png Republican Arizona
Jerry F. CostelloElectiondot.png Democratic Illinois, District 12
Jerry LewisEnds.png Republican California, District 41
Joe DonnellyElectiondot.png Democratic Indiana
John OlverElectiondot.png Democratic Massachusetts, District 1
Lynn WoolseyElectiondot.png Democratic California, District 6
Martin HeinrichElectiondot.png Democratic New Mexico
Maurice HincheyElectiondot.png Democratic New York, District 22
Mazie K. HironoElectiondot.png Democratic Hawaii
Mike PenceEnds.png Republican Governor of Indiana
Mike RossElectiondot.png Democratic Governor of Arkansas
Norm DicksElectiondot.png Democratic Washington, District 6
Rick BergEnds.png Republican North Dakota, At-Large, District
Ron PaulEnds.png Republican Texas, District 14
Shelley BerkleyElectiondot.png Democratic Nevada, District 1
Steve AustriaEnds.png Republican Ohio, District 7
Steven C. LaTouretteEnds.png Republican Ohio, District 14
Sue Wilkins MyrickEnds.png Republican North Carolina, District 9
Tammy BaldwinElectiondot.png Democratic Wisconsin
Timothy V. JohnsonEnds.png Republican Illinois, District 15
W. Todd AkinEnds.png Republican Missouri, District 2
Wally HergerEnds.png Republican California, District 2

Officials who left office early

The following members of the 112th U.S. Congress did not complete their term.

Anthony WeinerElectiondot.png Democratic Mayor of New York City
David WuElectiondot.png Democratic U.S. House, Oregon, District 1
Donald M. PayneElectiondot.png Democratic U.S. House, New Jersey, District 10
Gabrielle GiffordsElectiondot.png Democratic U.S. House, Arizona, District 8
Thaddeus McCotterEnds.png Republican U.S. House, Michigan, District 11

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