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List of United States Representatives from Connecticut

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Connecticut was admitted as the 5th state to the United States of America on January 9, 1788. As of 2011, a total of 232 individuals have represented Connecticut in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Connecticut are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Connecticut.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1700s from Connecticut
Party Total
     Pro-Admin 10
     Federalist 10
Total Representatives 20
Representatives to the U.S. House from Connecticut
Representative Years Served Party
Roger Sherman 1789–1791 Pro-Admin
Benjamin Huntington 1789–1791 Pro-Admin
Jonathan Sturges 1789–1793 Pro-Admin
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. 1789–1795 Pro-Admin
Jeremiah Wadsworth 1789–1795 Pro-Admin
Amasa Learned 1791–1795 Pro-Admin
James Hillhouse 1791–1796 Pro-Admin
Uriah Tracy 1793–1796 Pro-Admin
Zephariah Swift 1793–1797 Pro-Admin
Joshua Coit 1793–1798 Pro-Admin
Nathaniel Smith 1795–1799 Federalist
Chauncey Goodrich 1795–1801 Federalist
Roger Griswold 1795–1805 Federalist
James Davenport 1796–1797 Federalist
John Allen 1797–1799 Federalist
William Edmond 1797–1801 Federalist
Samuel W. Dana 1797–1810 Federalist
Jonathan Brace 1798–1800 Federalist
Elizur Goodrich 1799–1801 Federalist
John Davenport 1799–1817 Federalist
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Connecticut
Party Total
     Democratic 35
     Republican 25
     Federalist 17
     Democratic-Republican 10
     Anti-Jacksonian 15
     Adams 1
     Jacksonian 3
     Whig 11
     Free Soil 1
     American 1
Total Representatives 119
Representatives to the U.S. House from Connecticut
Representative Years Served Party
John Cotton Smith 1800–1806 Federalist
Elias Perkins 1801–1803 Federalist
Calvin Goddard 1801–1805 Federalist
Benjamin Tallmadge 1801–1817 Federalist
Simeon Baldwin 1803–1805 Federalist
Lewis B. Sturges 1805–1817 Federalist
Timothy Pitkin 1805–1819 Federalist
Jonathan O. Moseley 1805–1821 Federalist
Theodore Dwight 1806–1807 Federalist
Epaphroditus Champion 1807–1817 Federalist
Ebenezer Huntington 1810–1811 and 1817-1819 Federalist
Lyman Law 1811–1817 Federalist
Uriel Holmes 1817–1818 Federalist
Nathaniel Terry 1817–1819 Federalist
Thomas Scott Williams 1817–1819 Federalist
Samuel B. Sherwood 1817–1819 Federalist
Sylvester Gilbert 1818–1819 Democratic-Republican
James Stevens 1819–1821 Democratic-Republican
Samuel A. Foot 1819–1821 Federalist
Elisha Phelps 1819–1821 and 1825-1829 Democratic-Republican
John Russ 1819–1823 Democratic-Republican
Henry W. Edwards 1819–1823 Democratic-Republican
Gideon Tomlinson 1819–1827 Democratic-Republican
Daniel Burrows 1821–1823 Democratic-Republican
Ebenezer Stoddard 1821–1825 Democratic-Republican
Noyes Barber 1821–1825 Democratic-Republican
Ansel Sterling 1821–1825 Democratic-Republican
Lemuel Whitman 1823–1825 Anti-Jacksonian
John Baldwin 1825–1829 Anti-Jacksonian
Orange Merwin 1825–1829 Anti-Jacksonian
Ralph I. Ingersoll 1825–1833 Anti-Jacksonian
Noyes Barber 1825–1835 Anti-Jacksonian
Elisha Phelps 1825–1929 Adams
David Plant 1827–1829 Anti-Jacksonian
William L. Storrs 1829–1833 Anti-Jacksonian
Jabez W. Huntington 1829–1834 Anti-Jacksonian
William W. Ellsworth 1829–1834 Anti-Jacksonian
Ebenezer Young 1829–1835 Anti-Jacksonian
Samuel A. Foot 1833–1834 Anti-Jacksonian
Joseph Trumbull 1833–1835 and 1839-1843 Anti-Jacksonian
Ebenezer Jackson, Jr. 1834–1835 Anti-Jacksonian
Samuel Tweedy 1834–1835 Anti-Jacksonian
Phineas Miner 1834–1835 Anti-Jacksonian
Zalmon Wildman 1835 Jacksonian
Andrew T. Judson 1835–1836 Jacksonian
Elisha Haley 1835–1839 Democratic
Lancelot Phelps 1835–1839 Democratic
Isaac Toucey 1835–1839 Democratic
Orrin Holt 1836–1839 Democratic
Thomas T. Whittlesey 1836–1839 Jacksonian
Samuel Ingham 1837–1839 Democratic
William L. Storrs 1839–1840 Whig
Thomas W. Williams 1839–1843 Whig
Thomas B. Osborne 1839–1843 Whig
John H. Brockway 1839–1843 Whig
Truman Smith 1839–1843 and 1845-1849 Whig
William W. Boardman 1840–1843 Whig
George S. Catlin 1843–1845 Democratic
Samuel Simons 1843–1845 Democratic
Thomas H. Seymour 1843–1845 Democratic
John Stewart 1843–1845 Democratic
James Dixon 1845–1849 Whig
John A. Rockwell 1845–1849 Whig
Thomas B. Butler 1849–1851 Whig
Walter Booth 1849–1851 Free Soil
Loren P. Waldo 1849–1851 Democratic
Chauncey F. Cleveland 1849–1853 Democratic
Charles Chapman 1851–1853 Whig
Colin M. Ingersoll 1851–1855 Democratic
Origen S. Seymour 1851–1855 Democratic
James T. Pratt 1853–1855 Democratic
Nathan Belcher 1853–1855 Democratic
William W. Welch 1855–1857 American
Ezra Clark, Jr. 1855–1859 Republican
Sidney Dean 1855–1859 Republican
William D. Bishop 1857–1859 Democratic
Samuel Arnold 1857–1859 Democratic
Orris S. Ferry 1859–1861 Republican
John Woodruff 1859–1861 Republican
Alfred A. Burnham 1859–1863 Republican
Dwight Loomis 1859–1863 Republican
George C. Woodruff 1861–1863 Democratic
James E. English 1861–1865 Democratic
John H. Hubbard 1863–1867 Republican
Henry C. Deming 1863–1867 Republican
Augustus Brandegee 1863–1867 Republican
Samuel L. Warner 1865–1867 Republican
Richard D. Hubbard 1867–1869 Democratic
Julius Hotchkiss 1867–1869 Democratic
Samuel D. Hubbard 1867–1869 Whig
Henry H. Starkweather 1867–1876 Republican
William H. Barnum 1867–1876 Democratic
Julius L. Strong 1869–1872 Republican
Stephen W. Kellogg 1869–1875 Republican
Joseph R. Hawley 1872–1875 Republican
George M. Landers 1875–1879 Democratic
James Phelps 1875–1883 Democratic
Levi Warner 1876–1879 Democratic
John T. Wait 1876–1887 Republican
Joseph R. Hawley 1879–1881 Republican
Frederick Miles 1879–1883 Republican
John R. Buck 1881–1883 Republican
William W. Eaton 1883–1885 Democratic
Edward W. Seymour 1883–1887 Democratic
Charles Le Moyne Mitchell 1883–1987 Democratic
John R. Buck 1885–1987 Republican
Carlos French 1887–1889 Democratic
Robert J. Vance 1887–1889 Democratic
Miles T. Granger 1887–1889 Democratic
Charles A. Russell 1887–1902 Republican
Frederick Miles 1889–1891 Republican
William E. Simonds 1889–1891 Republican
Washington F. Willcox 1889–1893 Democratic
Robert E. De Forest 1889–1895 Democratic
Lewis Sperry 1891–1895 Democratic
James P. Pigott 1893–1895 Democratic
Nehemiah D. Sperry 1895–1911 Republican
E. Stevens Henry 1895–1913 Republican
Ebenezer J. Hill 1895–1913 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Connecticut
Party Total
     Democratic 45
     Republican 43
Total Representatives 88
Representatives to the U.S. House from Connecticut
Representative Years Served Party
Frank B. Brandegee 1902–1905 Republican
George L. Lilley 1903–1909 Republican
Edwin W. Higgins 1905–1913 Republican
John Q. Tilson 1909–1913 Republican
Thomas L. Reilly 1911–1915 Democratic
Jeremiah Donovan 1913–1915 Democratic
William Kennedy 1913–1915 Democratic
Augustine Lonergan 1913–1915 Democratic
Bryan F. Mahan 1913–1915 Democratic
P. Davis Oakey 1915–1917 Republican
Ebenezer J. Hill 1915–1917 Republican
James P. Glynn 1915–1923 Republican
John Q. Tilson 1915–1932 Republican
Richard P. Freeman 1915–1933 Republican
Augustine Lonergan 1917–1921 Democratic
Schuyler Merritt 1917–1931 and 1933-1935 Republican
E. Hart Fenn 1921–1931 Republican
Patrick B. O'Sullivan 1923–1925 Democratic
James P. Glynn 1925–1930 Republican
Edward W. Goss 1930–1935 Republican
William L. Tierney 1931–1933 Democratic
Augustine Lonergan 1931–1933 Democratic
Charles M. Bakewell 1933–1935 Republican
Francis T. Maloney 1933–1935 Democratic
William L. Higgins 1933–1937 Republican
Herman P. Kopplemann 1933–1939 Democratic
William M. Citron 1935–1939 Democratic
J. Joseph Smith 1935–1941 Democratic
James A. Shanley 1935–1943 Democratic
Alfred N. Phillips 1937–1939 Democratic
William J. Fitzgerald 1937–1939 and 1941-1943 Democratic
Thomas R. Ball 1939–1941 Republican
Albert E. Austin 1939–1941 Republican
B. J. Monkiewicz 1939–1941 Republican
William J. Miller 1939–1941, 1943-1945 and 1947-1949 Republican
Lucien J. Maciora 1941–1943 Democratic
Herman P. Kopplemann 1941–1943 Democratic
Le Roy D. Downs 1941–1943 Democratic
Joseph E. Talbot 1942–1947 Republican
John D. McWilliams 1943–1945 Republican
Ranulf Compton 1943–1945 Republican
B. J. Monkiewicz 1943–1945 Republican
Clare B. Luce 1943–1947 Republican
James P. Geelan 1945–1947 Democratic
Joseph F. Ryter 1945–1947 Democratic
Herman P. Kopplemann 1945–1947 Democratic
Chase G. Woodhouse 1945–1947 and 1949-1951 Democratic
Ellsworth B. Foote 1947–1949 Republican
Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. 1947–1949, 1951-1959 and 1961-1963 Republican
John D. Lodge 1947–1951 Republican
James T. Patterson 1947–1959 Republican
Antoni N. Sadlak 1947–1959 Republican
John A. McGuire 1949–1953 Democratic
Abraham A. Ribicoff 1949–1953 Democratic
Albert P. Morano 1951–1959 Republican
Thomas J. Dodd 1953–1957 Democratic
Albert W. Cretella 1953–1959 Republican
Edwin H. May, Jr. 1957–1959 Republican
Chester Bowles 1959–1961 Democratic
Donald J. Irwin 1959–1961 and 1965-1969 Democratic
Frank Kowalski 1959–1963 Democratic
Emilio Q. Daddario 1959–1971 Democratic
John S. Monagan 1959–1973 Democratic
Robert N. Giaimo 1959–1981 Democratic
Abner W. Sibal 1961–1965 Republican
Bernard F. Grabowski 1963–1967 Democratic
William L. St. Onge 1963–1970 Democratic
Thomas J. Meskill 1967–1971 Republican
Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. 1969–1971 Republican
Robert H. Steele 1970–1975 Republican
Ella T. Grasso 1971–1975 Democratic
William R. Cotter 1971–1981 Democratic
Stewart McKinney 1971–1987 Republican
Ronald A. Sarasin 1973–1979 Republican
Christopher Dodd 1975–1981 Democratic
Toby Moffett 1975–1983 Democratic
William R. Ratchford 1979–1985 Democratic
Lawrence Joseph DeNardis 1981–1983 Republican
Sam Gejdenson 1981–2001 Democratic
Barbara B. Kennelly 1982–1999 Democratic
Bruce Morrison 1983–1991 Democratic
Nancy L. Johnson 1983–2007 Republican
John G. Rowland 1985–1991 Republican
Christopher Shays 1987–2009 Republican
Gary Franks 1991–1997 Republican
Rosa L. DeLauro 1991–present Democratic
James H. Maloney 1997–2003 Democratic
John B. Larson 1999–present Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Connecticut
Party Total
     Democratic 4
     Republican 1
Total Representatives 5
Representatives to the U.S. House from Connecticut
Representative Years Served Party
Rob Simmons 2001–2007 Republican
Joe Courtney 2007–present Democratic
Jim Himes 2009–present Democratic
Christopher S. Murphy 2007–2013 Democratic
Elizabeth Esty 2013-present Democratic

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