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List of United States Representatives from Georgia

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Georgia was admitted as the 4th state to the United States of America on January 2, 1788. As of 2013, a total of 302 individuals have represented Georgia in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Georgia are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Georgia.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1700s from Georgia
Party Total
     Anti-Administration 5
     Democratic-Republican 3
     Federalist 1
Total Representatives 9
Representatives to the U.S. House in Georgia 1700s
Representative Years Served Party
James Jackson Anti-Admin 1789–1791
George Mathews Anti-Admin 1789–1791
Abraham Baldwin Democratic-Republican 1789–1795 and 1795–1799
Anthony Wayne Anti-Admin 1791–1792
Francis Willis Anti-Admin 1791–1793
John Milledge Democratic-Republican 1792–1793, 1795–1799, and 1801-1802
Thomas P. Carnes Anti-Admin 1793–1795
James Jones Federalist 1799–1801
Benjamin Taliaferro Democratic-Republican 1799–1802
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Georgia
Party Total
     Democratic 104
     Democratic-Republican 26
     Whig 16
     Republican 12
     Know-Nothing 3
     Unionist 2
     Union Democrat 1
     Populist 1
Total Representatives 165
Representatives to the U.S. House in Georgia 1800s
Representative Years Served Party
David Meriwether Democratic-Republican 1802–1807
Samuel Hammond Democratic-Republican 1803–1805
Joseph Bryan Democratic-Republican 1803–1806
Peter Early Democratic-Republican 1803–1807
Cowles Mead Democratic-Republican 1805
Thomas Spalding Democratic-Republican 1805–1806
Dennis Smelt Democratic-Republican 1806–1811
Howell Cobb Democratic-Republican 1807–1812
William Wyatt Bibb Democratic-Republican 1807–1813
George M. Troup Democratic-Republican 1807–1815
Bolling Hall Democratic-Republican 1811–1817
William Barnett Democratic-Republican 1812–1815
Alfred Cuthbert Democratic 1813–1816 and 1821-1827
Thomas Telfair Democratic-Republican 1813–1817
John Forsyth Democratic 1813–1818 and 1823-1827
Wilson Lumpkin Democratic 1815–1817 and 1827–1831
Richard Henry Wilde Democratic 1815–1817, 1825, and 1827–1835
Zadock Cook Democratic-Republican 1816–1819
Joel Crawford Democratic-Republican 1817–1821
William Terrell Democratic-Republican 1817–1821
Thomas W. Cobb Democratic-Republican 1817–1821 and 1823–1824
Joel Abbott Democratic-Republican 1817–1825
John Alfred Cuthbert Democratic-Republican 1819–1821
Robert R. Reid Democratic-Republican 1819–1823
George R. Gilmer Democratic 1821–1823, 1827–1829, and 1833-1835
Edward F. Tattnall Democratic 1821–1827
Wiley Thompson Democratic-Republican 1821–1833
George Cary Democratic 1823–1827
James Meriwether Democratic 1825–1827
Charles E. Haynes Democratic 1825–1831 and 1835–1839
John Floyd Democratic 1827–1829
Tomlinson Fort Democratic 1827–1829
Henry G. Lamar Democratic-Republican 1829–1833
James M. Wayne Democratic-Republican 1829–1835
Thomas Flournoy Foster Whig 1829–1835 and 1841–1843
Daniel Newnan Democratic 1831–1833
Augustin S. Clayton Democratic-Republican 1832–1835
William Schley Democratic-Republican 1833–1835
Roger L. Gamble Whig 1833–1835 and 1841–1843
Seaborn Jones Democratic 1833–1835 and 1845–1847
John E. Coffee Democratic-Republican 1833–1836
John W. A. Sanford Union Democrat 1835
James C. Terrell Democratic 1835
George Towns Democratic 1835–1836, 1837–1839, and 1846–1847
Jesse F. Cleveland Democratic 1835–1839
Thomas Glascock Democratic 1835–1839
Seaton Grantland Democratic 1835–1839
Hopkins Holsey Democratic 1835–1839
Jabez Y. Jackson Democratic 1835–1839
George W. Owens Democratic 1835–1839
William Crosby Dawson Whig 1836–1841
Julius Caesar Alford Republican 1837 and 1839–1841
Walter T. Colquitt Democratic 1839–1840 and 1842–1843
Eugenius A. Nisbet Whig 1839–1841
Mark A. Cooper Democratic 1839–1841 and 1842–1843
Edward J. Black Democratic 1839–1841 and 1842–1845
Richard W. Habersham Whig 1839–1842
Lott Warren Whig 1839–1843
Thomas B. King Whig 1839–1843 and 1845–1850
Hines Holt Whig 1841
James A. Meriwether Whig 1841–1843
George W. Crawford Whig 1843
John B. Lamar Democratic 1843
John Millen Democratic 1843
Absalom H. Chappell Whig 1843–1845
William H. Stiles Democratic 1843–1845
John H. Lumpkin Democratic 1843–1849
Hugh A. Haralson Democratic 1843–1851
Howell Cobb, Jr. Democratic 1843–1851 and 1855–1857
Alexander H. Stephens Democratic 1843–1859 and 1873-1882
Duncan L. Clinch Whig 1844–1845
Robert Toombs Whig 1845–1853
Alfred Iverson, Sr. Democratic 1847–1849
John William Jones Whig 1847–1849
Thomas C. Hackett Democratic 1849–1851
Allen Ferdinand Owen Whig 1849–1851
Marshall J. Wellborn Democratic 1849–1851
Joseph Webber Jackson Democratic 1850–1853
James Johnson Unionist 1851–1853
Charles Murphey Unionist 1851–1853
David J. Bailey Democratic 1851–1855
Elijah W. Chastain Democratic 1851–1855
Junius Hillyer Democratic 1851–1855
Alfred H. Colquitt Democratic 1853–1855
William Dent Democratic 1853–1855
David A. Reese Whig 1853–1855
James Lindsay Seward Democratic 1853–1859
Nathaniel G. Foster Know-Nothing 1855–1857
Hiram B. Warner Democratic 1855–1857
Robert P. Trippe Know-Nothing 1855–1859
Martin J. Crawford Democratic 1855–1861
Augustus R. Wright Democratic 1857–1859
Lucius J. Gartrell Democratic 1857–1861
Joshua Hill Know-Nothing 1857–1861
James Jackson Democratic 1857–1861
John James Jones Democratic 1859–1861
Peter Early Love Democratic 1859–1861
John W. H. Underwood Democratic 1859–1861
Thomas Hardeman, Jr. Democratic 1859–1861 and 1883–1885
Joseph W. Clift Republican 1868–1869
William P. Edwards Republican 1868–1869
Samuel F. Gove Republican 1868–1869
Charles H. Prince Republican 1868–1869
Nelson Tift Democratic 1868–1869
Pierce M. B. Young Democratic 1868–1875
Marion Bethune Republican 1870–1871
Stephen A. Corker Democratic 1870–1871
Jefferson F. Long Republican 1870–1871
William W. Paine Democratic 1870–1871
William P. Price Democratic 1870–1873
Richard H. Whiteley Republican 1870–1875
Thomas J. Speer Republican 1871–1872
John S. Bigby Republican 1871–1873
Dudley M. Du Bose Democratic 1871–1873
Archibald T. MacIntyre Democratic 1871–1873
Erasmus W. Beck Democratic 1872–1873
Morgan Rawls Democratic 1873–1874
James C. Freeman Republican 1873–1875
Hiram P. Bell Democratic 1873–1875 and 1877–1879
Henry R. Harris Democratic 1873–1879 and 1885–1887
Phillip Cook Democratic 1873–1883
James H. Blount Democratic 1873–1893
Andrew Sloan Republican 1874–1875
Benjamin H. Hill Democratic 1875–1877
Milton A. Candler Democratic 1875–1879
Julian Hartridge Democratic 1875–1879
William H. Felton Democratic 1875–1881
William Ephraim Smith Democratic 1875–1881
William B. Fleming Democratic 1879
Henry Persons Democratic 1879–1881
John C. Nicholls Democratic 1879–1881 and 1883–1885
Emory Speer Democratic 1879–1883
Nathaniel J. Hammond Democratic 1879–1887
George R. Black Democratic 1881–1883
Hugh Buchanan Democratic 1881–1885
Judson C. Clements Democratic 1881–1891
Henry G. Turner Democratic 1881–1897
Seaborn Reese Democratic 1882–1887
Allen D. Candler Democratic 1883–1891
Charles F. Crisp Democratic 1883–1896
Thomas M. Norwood Democratic 1885–1889
George T. Barnes Democratic 1885–1891
Henry H. Carlton Democratic 1887–1891
Thomas W. Grimes Democratic 1887–1891
John D. Stewart Democratic 1887–1891
Rufus E. Lester Democratic 1889–1906
Robert W. Everett Democratic 1891–1893
Thomas E. Watson Populist 1891–1893
Thomas E. Winn Democratic 1891–1893
Thomas G. Lawson Democratic 1891–1897
Charles L. Moses Democratic 1891–1897
Leonidas F. Livingston Democratic 1891–1911
Thomas B. Cabaniss Democratic 1893–1895
James C. C. Black Democratic 1893–1897
Benjamin E. Russell Democratic 1893–1897
John W. Maddox Democratic 1893–1905
Farish C. Tate Democratic 1893–1905
Charles L. Bartlett Democratic 1895–1915
Charles R. Crisp Democratic 1896–1897 and 1913–1932
William H. Fleming Democratic 1897–1903
Elijah B. Lewis Democratic 1897–1909
James M. Griggs Democratic 1897–1910
William M. Howard Democratic 1897–1911
William G. Brantley Democratic 1897–1913
William C. Adamson Democratic 1897–1917
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Georgia
Party Total
     Democratic 78
     Republican 13
Total Representatives 91
Representatives to the U.S. House in Georgia 1900s
Representative Years Served Party
Thomas W. Hardwick Democratic 1903–1914
Gordon Lee ‎ Democratic 1905–1927
Thomas M. Bell Democratic 1905–1931
James W. Overstreet Democratic 1906–1907 and 1917–1923
Charles G. Edwards Democratic 1907–1917 and 1925–1931
Dudley M. Hughes Democratic 1909–1917
Seaborn A. Roddenbery Democratic 1910–1913
Samuel J. Tribble Democratic 1911–1916
William S. Howard Democratic 1911–1919
John R. Walker Democratic 1913–1919
Frank Park Democratic 1913–1925
James W. Wise Democratic 1915–1925
Carl Vinson Democratic 1915–1965
Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. Democratic 1917
Charles H. Brand Democratic 1917–1933
William W. Larsen Democratic 1917–1933
William C. Wright Democratic 1918–1933
William D. Upshaw Democratic 1919–1927
William C. Lankford Democratic 1919–1933
R. Lee Moore Democratic 1923–1925
Samuel Rutherford Democratic 1925–1932
Edward E. Cox Democratic 1925–1952
Leslie J. Steele Democratic 1927–1929
Malcolm C. Tarver Democratic 1927–1947
Robert Ramspeck Democratic 1929–1945
Homer C. Parker Democratic 1931–1935
John S. Wood Democratic 1931–1935 and 1945–1953
W. Carlton Mobley Democratic 1932–1933
Bryant T. Castellow Democratic 1932–1937
Braswell Deen Democratic 1933–1939
Emmett M. Owen Democratic 1933–1939
Paul Brown Democratic 1933–1961
B. Frank Whelchel Democratic 1935–1945
Hugh Peterson Democratic 1935–1947
Stephen Pace Democratic 1937–1951
W. Benjamin Gibbs Democratic 1939–1940
A. Sidney Camp Democratic 1939–1954
Florence R. Gibbs Democratic 1940–1941
John S. Gibson Democratic 1941–1947
Helen D. Mankin Democratic 1946–1947
William M. Wheeler Democratic 1947–1955
Henderson L. Lanham Democratic 1947–1957
Prince H. Preston, Jr. Democratic 1947–1961
James C. Davis Democratic 1947–1963
Tic Forrester Democratic 1951–1965
J. L. Pilcher Democratic 1953–1965
Phillip M. Landrum Democratic 1953–1977
John J. Flynt, Jr. Democratic 1953–1979
Iris Blitch Democratic 1955–1963
Harlan E. Mitchell Democratic 1958–1961
G. Elliott Hagan Democratic 1961–1973
John W. Davis Democratic 1961–1975
Robert G. Stephens, Jr. Democratic 1961–1977
J. Russell Tuten Democratic 1963–1967
Charles Weltner Democratic 1963–1967
Howard H. Callaway Republican 1965–1967
James MacKay Democratic 1965–1967
Maston E. O'Neal, Jr. Democratic 1965–1971
Fletcher Thompson Republican 1967–1973
Benjamin B. Blackburn Republican 1967–1975
Williamson S. Stuckey, Jr. Democratic 1967–1977
Jack T. Brinkley Democratic 1967–1983
Dawson Mathis Democratic 1971–1981
Andrew Young Democratic 1973–1977
Ronald B. Ginn Democratic 1973–1983
Lawrence P. McDonald Democratic 1975–1983
Elliott H. Levitas Democratic 1975–1985
Billy Lee Evans Democratic 1977–1983
Wyche Fowler, Jr. Democratic 1977–1987
Doug Barnard, Jr. Democratic 1977–1993
Edgar L. Jenkins Democratic 1977–1993
Newt Gingrich Republican 1979–1999
Charles Floyd Hatcher Democratic 1981–1993
Richard Ray Democratic 1983–1993
Robert Lindsay Thomas Democratic 1983–1993
George Darden Democratic 1983–1995
J. Roy Rowland Democratic 1983–1995
Pat Swindall Republican 1985–1989
John Lewis Democratic 1987–present
Ben Jones Democratic 1989–1993
Don Johnson, Jr. Democratic 1993–1995
Cynthia McKinney Democratic 1993–2003 and 2005–2007
Mac Collins Republican 1993–2005
Nathan Deal Republican 1993–2009
John Linder Republican 1993–2011
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. Democratic 1993–present
Jack Kingston Republican 1993–present
Bob Barr Republican 1995–2003
Saxby Chambliss Republican 1995–2003
Charlie Norwood Republican 1995–2007
Johnny Isakson Republican 1999–2005
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Georgia
Party Total
     Democratic 5
     Republican 9
Total Representatives 14
Representatives to the U.S. House in Georgia 2000s
Representative Years Served Party
Max Burns Republican 2003–2005
Denise Majette Democratic 2003–2005
Jim Marshall Democratic 2003–2011
Phil Gingrey Republican 2003–present
David Scott Democratic 2003–present
John Barrow Democratic 2005–present
Tom Price Republican 2005–present
Hank Johnson Democratic 2007–present
Lynn Westmoreland Republican 2007–present
Paul Broun Republican 2009–present
Tom Graves Republican 2009–present
Austin Scott Republican 2011–present
Robert Woodall Republican 2011–present
Doug Collins Republican 2013-present

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