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Maine was admitted as the 23rd state to the United States of America on March 15, 1820. As of 2011, a total of 149 individuals have represented Maine in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Maine are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Maine.

Representatives to the U.S. House in Maine in the 1800s
Representative Years Served Party
Ezekiel Whitman 1821-1822 Federalist
William D. Williamson 1821-1823 Republican
Mark L. Hill 1821-1823 Republican
Joseph Dane 1821-1823 Federalist
Joshua Cushman 1821-1825 Republican
Enoch Lincoln 1821-1826 Republican
Ebenezer Herrick 1821-1827 Republican
Mark Harris 1822-1823 Republican
Stephen Longfellow 1823-1825 Federalist
William Burleigh 1823-1827 Federalist
David Kidder 1823-1827 Federalist
Jeremiah O'Brien 1823-1829 Republican
Peleg Sprague 1825-1829 Republican
John Anderson 1825-1833 Republican
James W. Ripley 1826-1830 Republican
Joseph F. Wingate 1827-1831 Republican
Samuel Butman 1827-1831 Federalist
Rufus McIntire 1827-1835 Republican
Leonard Jarvis 1829-1837 Democratic-Republican
George Evans 1829-1841 National-Republican
Cornelius Holland 1830-1833 Democratic-Republican
James Bates 1831-1833 Democratic-Republican
Edward Kavanagh 1831-1835 Democratic-Republican
Joseph Hall 1833-1837 Democratic
Gorham Parks 1833-1837 Democratic
Moses Mason 1833-1837 Democratic
Francis O.J. Smith 1833-1839 Democratic
Jeremiah Bailey 1835-1837 Whig
John Fairfield 1835-1839 Democratic
Timothy J. Carter 1837-1838 Democratic
Jonathan Cilley 1837-1838 Democratic
Joseph C. Noyes 1837-1839 Whig
Thomas Davee 1837-1841 Democratic
Hugh J. Anderson 1837-1841 Democratic
Edward Robinson 1838-1839 Whig
Virgil D. Parris 1838-1841 Democratic
Albert Smith 1839-1841 Democratic
Benjamin Randall 1839-1843 Whig
Nathan Clifford 1839-1843 Democratic
Joshua A. Lowell 1839-1843 Democratic
David Bronson 1841-1843 Whig
Elisha H. Allen 1841-1843 Whig
William P. Fessenden 1841-1843 Whig
Alfred Marshall 1841-1843 Democratic
Nathaniel S. Littlefield 1841-1843 and 1849-1851 Democratic
Joshua Herrick 1843-1845 Democratic
Shepard Cary 1843-1845 Democratic
Benjamin White 1843-1845 Democratic
Freeman H. Morse 1843-1845 and 1857-1861 Whig
Luther Severance 1843-1847 Whig
Robert P. Dunlap 1843-1847 Democratic
Hannibal Hamlin 1843-1847 Democratic
John F. Scammon 1845-1847 Democratic
John D. McCrate 1845-1847 Democratic
Cullen Sawtelle 1845-1847 and 1849-1851 Democratic
Hezekiah Williams 1845-1849 Democratic
James S. Wiley 1847-1849 Democratic
Franklin Clark 1847-1849 Democratic
Asa Clapp 1847-1849 Democratic
Hiram Belcher 1847-1849 Whig
David Hammons 1847-1849 Democratic
Ephraim K. Smart 1847-1849 and 1851-1853 Democratic
John Otis 1849-1851 Whig
Charles Stetson 1849-1851 Democratic
Rufus K. Goodenow 1849-1851 Whig
Elbridge Gerry 1849-1851 Democratic
Thomas J. D. Fuller 1849-1857 Democratic
Charles Andrews 1851-1852 Democratic
John Appleton 1851-1853 Democratic
Robert Goodenow 1851-1853 Whig
Moses Macdonald 1851-1855 Democratic
Israel Washburn, Jr. 1851-1861 Whig
Isaac Reed 1852-1853 Whig
E. Wilder Farley 1853-1855 Whig
Samuel Mayall 1853-1855 Democratic
Samuel P. Benson 1853-1857 Whig
Ebenezer Knowlton 1855-1857 Republican
John J. Perry 1855-1857 and 1859-1861 Republican
John M. Wood 1855-1859 Republican
Nehemiah Abbott 1857-1859 Republican
Charles J. Gilman 1857-1859 Republican
Stephen C. Foster 1857-1861 Republican
Daniel E. Somes 1859-1861 Republican
Ezra B. French 1859-1861 Republican
Stephen Coburn 1861-1861 Republican
Charles W. Walton 1861-1862 Republican
Samuel C. Fessenden 1861-1863 Republican
John N. Goodwin 1861-1863 Republican
Anson P. Morrill 1861-1863 Republican
John H. Rice 1861-1867 Republican
Frederick A. Pike 1861-1869 Republican
Thomas A. D. Fessenden 1862-1863 Republican
Lorenzo De Medici Sweat 1863-1865 Democratic
Sidney Perham 1863-1869 Republican
James G. Blaine 1863-1876 Republican
John Lynch 1865-1873 Republican
John A. Peters 1867-1873 Republican
Samuel P. Morrill 1869-1871 Republican
Eugene Hale 1869-1879 Republican
William P. Frye 1871-1881 Republican
Samuel F. Hersey 1873-1875 Republican
John H. Burleigh 1873-1877 Republican
Harris M. Plaisted 1875-1877 Republican
Edwin Flye 1876-1877 Republican
Llewellyn Powers 1877-1879 Republican
Stephen D. Lindsey 1877-1883 Republican
Thomas B. Reed 1877-1899 Republican
George W. Ladd 1879-1883 Democratic
Thompson H. Murch 1879-1883 Greenbacker
Nelson Dingley, Jr. 1881-1899 Republican
Seth L. Milliken 1883-1897 Republican
Charles A. Boutelle 1883-1901 Republican
Edwin C. Burleigh 1897-1911 Republican
Charles E. Littlefield 1899-1908 Republican
Amos L. Allen 1899-1911 Republican
Representatives to the U.S. House in Maine in the 1900s
Representative Years Served Party
Llewellyn Powers 1901-1908 Republican
John P. Swasey 1908-1911 Republican
Frank E. Guernsey 1908-1917 Republican
Samuel W. Gould 1911-1913 Democratic
Asher C. Hinds 1911-1917 Republican
Daniel John McGillicuddy 1911-1917 Democratic
Forrest Goodwin 1913-1913 Republican
John Peters 1913-1922 Republican
Louis B. Goodall 1917-1921 Republican
Ira G. Hersey 1917-1929 Republican
Wallace H. White, Jr. 1917-1931 Republican
Carroll L. Beedy 1921-1935 Republican
John E. Nelson 1922-1933 Republican
Donald F. Snow 1929-1933 Republican
Donald B. Partridge 1931-1933 Republican
John G. Utterback 1933-1935 Democratic
Edward C. Moran, Jr. 1933-1937 Democratic
Simon M. Hamlin 1935-1937 Democratic
Ralph O. Brewster 1935-1941 Republican
Clyde H. Smith 1937-1939 Republican
James C. Oliver 1937-1943 and 1959-1961 Republican
Margaret Chase Smith 1939-1949 Republican
Frank Fellows 1941-1953 Republican
Robert Hale 1943-1959 Republican
Charles P. Nelson 1949-1957 Republican
Clifford G. McIntire 1953-1965 Republican
Frank M. Coffin 1957-1961 Democratic
Peter A. Garland 1961-1963 Republican
Stanley R. Tupper 1961-1967 Republican
William D. Hathaway 1965-1973 Democratic
Peter N. Kyros 1967-1975 Democratic
William S. Cohen 1973-1979 Republican
David F. Emery 1975-1983 Republican
Olympia J. Snowe 1979-1995 Republican
John R. McKernan 1983-1987 Republican
Joseph E. Brennan 1987-1991 Democratic
Thomas Andrews 1991-1995 Democratic
James Longley, Jr. 1995-1997 Republican
John E. Baldacci 1995-2003 Democratic
Tom Allen 1997-2009 Democratic
Representatives to the U.S. House in Maine in the 2000s
Representative Years Served Party
Michael Michaud 2003-Present Democratic
Chellie Pingree 2009-Present Democratic

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