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Maine was admitted as the 23rd state to the United States of America on March 15, 1820. As of 2011, a total of 150 individuals have represented Maine in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Maine are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Maine.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Maine
Party Total
     Democratic 34
     Republican 43
     Federalist 5
     Whig 34
     Democratic-Republican 4
     Greenbacker 1
     National Republican 1
Total Representatives 122
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maine
Representative Years Served Party
Ezekiel Whitman 1821-1822 Federalist
William D. Williamson 1821-1823 Republican
Mark L. Hill 1821-1823 Republican
Joseph Dane 1821-1823 Federalist
Joshua Cushman 1821-1825 Republican
Enoch Lincoln 1821-1826 Republican
Ebenezer Herrick 1821-1827 Republican
Mark Harris 1822-1823 Republican
Stephen Longfellow 1823-1825 Federalist
William Burleigh 1823-1827 Federalist
David Kidder 1823-1827 Federalist
Jeremiah O'Brien 1823-1829 Republican
Peleg Sprague 1825-1829 Republican
John Anderson 1825-1833 Republican
James W. Ripley 1826-1830 Republican
Joseph F. Wingate 1827-1831 Republican
Samuel Butman 1827-1831 Federalist
Rufus McIntire 1827-1835 Republican
Leonard Jarvis 1829-1837 Democratic-Republican
George Evans 1829-1841 National-Republican
Cornelius Holland 1830-1833 Democratic-Republican
James Bates 1831-1833 Democratic-Republican
Edward Kavanagh 1831-1835 Democratic-Republican
Joseph Hall 1833-1837 Democratic
Gorham Parks 1833-1837 Democratic
Moses Mason 1833-1837 Democratic
Francis O.J. Smith 1833-1839 Democratic
Jeremiah Bailey 1835-1837 Whig
John Fairfield 1835-1839 Democratic
Timothy J. Carter 1837-1838 Democratic
Jonathan Cilley 1837-1838 Democratic
Joseph C. Noyes 1837-1839 Whig
Thomas Davee 1837-1841 Democratic
Hugh J. Anderson 1837-1841 Democratic
Edward Robinson 1838-1839 Whig
Virgil D. Parris 1838-1841 Democratic
Albert Smith 1839-1841 Democratic
Benjamin Randall 1839-1843 Whig
Nathan Clifford 1839-1843 Democratic
Joshua A. Lowell 1839-1843 Democratic
David Bronson 1841-1843 Whig
Elisha H. Allen 1841-1843 Whig
William P. Fessenden 1841-1843 Whig
Alfred Marshall 1841-1843 Democratic
Nathaniel S. Littlefield 1841-1843 and 1849-1851 Democratic
Joshua Herrick 1843-1845 Democratic
Shepard Cary 1843-1845 Democratic
Benjamin White 1843-1845 Democratic
Freeman H. Morse 1843-1845 and 1857-1861 Whig
Luther Severance 1843-1847 Whig
Robert P. Dunlap 1843-1847 Democratic
Hannibal Hamlin 1843-1847 Democratic
John F. Scammon 1845-1847 Democratic
John D. McCrate 1845-1847 Democratic
Cullen Sawtelle 1845-1847 and 1849-1851 Democratic
Hezekiah Williams 1845-1849 Democratic
James S. Wiley 1847-1849 Democratic
Franklin Clark 1847-1849 Democratic
Asa Clapp 1847-1849 Democratic
Hiram Belcher 1847-1849 Whig
David Hammons 1847-1849 Democratic
Ephraim K. Smart 1847-1849 and 1851-1853 Democratic
John Otis 1849-1851 Whig
Charles Stetson 1849-1851 Democratic
Rufus K. Goodenow 1849-1851 Whig
Elbridge Gerry 1849-1851 Democratic
Thomas J. D. Fuller 1849-1857 Democratic
Charles Andrews 1851-1852 Democratic
John Appleton 1851-1853 Democratic
Robert Goodenow 1851-1853 Whig
Moses Macdonald 1851-1855 Democratic
Israel Washburn, Jr. 1851-1861 Whig
Isaac Reed 1852-1853 Whig
E. Wilder Farley 1853-1855 Whig
Samuel Mayall 1853-1855 Democratic
Samuel P. Benson 1853-1857 Whig
Ebenezer Knowlton 1855-1857 Republican
John J. Perry 1855-1857 and 1859-1861 Republican
John M. Wood 1855-1859 Republican
Nehemiah Abbott 1857-1859 Republican
Charles J. Gilman 1857-1859 Republican
Stephen C. Foster 1857-1861 Republican
Daniel E. Somes 1859-1861 Republican
Ezra B. French 1859-1861 Republican
Stephen Coburn 1861-1861 Republican
Charles W. Walton 1861-1862 Republican
Samuel C. Fessenden 1861-1863 Republican
John N. Goodwin 1861-1863 Republican
Anson P. Morrill 1861-1863 Republican
John H. Rice 1861-1867 Republican
Frederick A. Pike 1861-1869 Republican
Thomas A. D. Fessenden 1862-1863 Republican
Lorenzo De Medici Sweat 1863-1865 Democratic
Sidney Perham 1863-1869 Republican
James G. Blaine 1863-1876 Republican
John Lynch 1865-1873 Republican
John A. Peters 1867-1873 Republican
Samuel P. Morrill 1869-1871 Republican
Eugene Hale 1869-1879 Republican
William P. Frye 1871-1881 Republican
Samuel F. Hersey 1873-1875 Republican
John H. Burleigh 1873-1877 Republican
Harris M. Plaisted 1875-1877 Republican
Edwin Flye 1876-1877 Republican
Llewellyn Powers 1877-1879 Republican
Stephen D. Lindsey 1877-1883 Republican
Thomas B. Reed 1877-1899 Republican
George W. Ladd 1879-1883 Democratic
Thompson H. Murch 1879-1883 Greenbacker
Nelson Dingley, Jr. 1881-1899 Republican
Seth L. Milliken 1883-1897 Republican
Charles A. Boutelle 1883-1901 Republican
Edwin C. Burleigh 1897-1911 Republican
Charles E. Littlefield 1899-1908 Republican
Amos L. Allen 1899-1911 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Maine
Party Total
     Democratic 14
     Republican 28
Total Representatives 42
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maine
Representative Years Served Party
Llewellyn Powers 1901-1908 Republican
John P. Swasey 1908-1911 Republican
Frank E. Guernsey 1908-1917 Republican
Samuel W. Gould 1911-1913 Democratic
Asher C. Hinds 1911-1917 Republican
Daniel John McGillicuddy 1911-1917 Democratic
Forrest Goodwin 1913-1913 Republican
John Peters 1913-1922 Republican
Louis B. Goodall 1917-1921 Republican
Ira G. Hersey 1917-1929 Republican
Wallace H. White, Jr. 1917-1931 Republican
Carroll L. Beedy 1921-1935 Republican
John E. Nelson 1922-1933 Republican
Donald F. Snow 1929-1933 Republican
Donald B. Partridge 1931-1933 Republican
John G. Utterback 1933-1935 Democratic
Edward C. Moran, Jr. 1933-1937 Democratic
Simon M. Hamlin 1935-1937 Democratic
Ralph O. Brewster 1935-1941 Republican
Clyde H. Smith 1937-1939 Republican
James C. Oliver 1937-1943 and 1959-1961 Republican
Margaret Chase Smith 1939-1949 Republican
Frank Fellows 1941-1953 Republican
Robert Hale 1943-1959 Republican
Charles P. Nelson 1949-1957 Republican
Clifford G. McIntire 1953-1965 Republican
Frank M. Coffin 1957-1961 Democratic
Peter A. Garland 1961-1963 Republican
Stanley R. Tupper 1961-1967 Republican
William D. Hathaway 1965-1973 Democratic
Peter N. Kyros 1967-1975 Democratic
William S. Cohen 1973-1979 Republican
David F. Emery 1975-1983 Republican
Olympia J. Snowe 1979-1995 Republican
John R. McKernan 1983-1987 Republican
Joseph E. Brennan 1987-1991 Democratic
Thomas Andrews 1991-1995 Democratic
James Longley, Jr. 1995-1997 Republican
John E. Baldacci 1995-2003 Democratic
Tom Allen 1997-2009 Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Maine
Party Total
     Democratic 2
     Republican 1
Total Representatives 3
Representatives to the U.S. House from Maine
Representative Years Served Party
Michael Michaud 2003-2015 Democratic
Chellie Pingree 2009-Present Democratic
Bruce Poliquin 2015-Present Democratic

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