List of United States Representatives from Michigan

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Michigan was admitted as the 26th state to the United States of America on January 26, 1837. As of 2013, a total of 270 individuals have represented Michigan in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Michigan are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Michigan.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Michigan
Party Total
     Democratic 41
     Republican 67
     Whig 4
Total Representatives 112
Representatives to the U.S. House from Michigan
Representative Years Served Party
Isaac E. Crary 1837–1841 Democratic
Jacob M. Howard 1841–1843 Whig
Lucius Lyon 1843–1845 Democratic
James B. Hunt 1843–1847 Democratic
Robert McClelland 1843–1849 Democratic
John Smith Chipman 1845–1847 Democratic
Edward Bradley 1847 Democratic
Charles E. Stuart 1847–1849, 1851–1853 Democratic
Kinsley S. Bingham 1847–1851 Democratic
Alexander W. Buel 1849–1851 Democratic
William Sprague 1849–1851 Whig
James L. Conger 1851–1853 Whig
Ebenezer J. Penniman 1851–1853 Whig
Samuel Clark 1853–1855 Democratic
David A. Noble 1853–1855 Democratic
Hestor L. Stevens 1853–1855 Democratic
David Stuart 1853–1855 Democratic
George Washington Peck 1855–1857 Democratic
William Alanson Howard 1855–1858, 1860 Oppositionist
David S. Walbridge 1855–1859 Republican
Henry Waldron 1855–1861, 1871–1877 Republican
Dewitt C. Leach 1857–1861 Republican
George B. Cooper 1859–1861 Democratic
Francis William Kellogg 1859–1865 Republican
Bradley F. Granger 1861–1863 Republican
Rowland E. Trowbridge 1861–1863, 1865–1869 Republican
Fernando C. Beaman 1861–1871 Republican
Augustus C. Baldwin 1863–1865 Democratic
John W. Longyear 1863–1867 Republican
John F. Driggs 1863–1869 Republican
Charles Upson 1863–1869 Republican
Thomas W. Ferry 1865–1871 Republican
Austin Blair 1867–1873 Republican
Randolph Strickland 1869–1871 Republican
William L. Stoughton 1869–1873 Republican
Omar D. Conger 1869–1881 Republican
Wilder D. Foster 1871–1873 Republican
Jabez G. Sutherland 1871–1873 Democratic
Josiah Begole 1873–1875 Republican
Moses W. Field 1873–1875 Republican
Julius C. Burrows 1873–1875, 1879–1883, 1885–1895 Republican
Nathan B. Bradley 1873–1877 Republican
George Willard 1873–1877 Republican
William B. Williams 1873–1877 Republican
Jay Abel Hubbell 1873–1883 Republican
George H. Durand 1875–1877 Democratic
Allen Potter 1875–1877 Democratic
Alpheus S. Williams 1875–1878 Democratic
Charles C. Ellsworth 1877–1879 Republican
Edwin W. Keightley 1877–1879 Republican
Jonas H. McGowan 1877–1881 Republican
John W. Stone 1877–1881 Republican
Mark S. Brewer 1877–1881, 1887–1891 Republican
Edwin Willits 1877–1883 Republican
John Stoughton Newberry 1879–1881 Republican
Roswell G. Horr 1879–1885 Republican
Henry W. Lord 1881–1883 Republican
John Tyler Rich 1881–1883 Republican
Oliver L. Spaulding 1881–1883 Republican
George W. Webber 1881–1883 Republican
Edward S. Lacey 1881–1885 Republican
Edward Breitung 1883–1885 Republican
Herschel H. Hatch 1883–1885 Republican
Julius Houseman 1883–1885 Democratic
George L. Yaple 1883–1885 Democratic
Ezra C. Carleton 1883–1887 Democratic
Nathaniel B. Eldredge 1883–1887 Democratic
William C. Maybury 1883–1887 Democratic
Edwin B. Winans 1883–1887 Democratic
Byron M. Cutcheon 1883–1891 Republican
Charles C. Comstock 1885–1887 Democratic
Seth C. Moffatt 1885–1887 Republican
Spencer O. Fisher 1885–1889 Democratic
Timothy E. Tarsney 1885–1889 Democratic
James O'Donnell 1885–1893 Republican
Melbourne H. Ford 1887–1889, 1891–1891 Democratic
Edward P. Allen 1887–1891 Republican
John Logan Chipman 1887–1893 Democratic
Justin Rice Whiting 1887–1895 Democratic
Henry W. Seymour 1888–1889 Republican
Aaron T. Bliss 1889–1891 Republican
Frank W. Wheeler 1889–1891 Republican
Charles E. Belknap 1889–1893 Republican
Samuel M. Stephenson 1889–1897 Republican
Byron G. Stout 1891–1893 Democratic
Harrison H. Wheeler 1891–1893 Democratic
Henry M. Youmans 1891–1893 Democratic
James S. Gorman 1891–1895 Democratic
Thomas A. E. Weadock 1891–1895 Democratic
Levi T. Griffin 1893–1895 Democratic
John W. Moon 1893–1895 Republican
George F. Richardson 1893–1895 Democratic
David D. Aitken 1893–1897 Republican
John Avery 1893–1897 Republican
William S. Linton 1893–1897 Republican
Henry F. Thomas 1893–1897 Republican
Alfred Milnes 1895–1897 Republican
Horace G. Snover 1895–1899 Republican
George Spalding 1895–1899 Republican
Rousseau Owen Crump 1895–1901 Republican
John Blaisdell Corliss 1895–1903 Republican
Roswell P. Bishop 1895–1907 Republican
William Alden Smith 1895–1907 Republican
Ferdinand Brucker 1897–1899 Democratic
Albert M. Todd 1897–1899 Democratic
William S. Mesick 1897–1901 Republican
Carlos D. Shelden 1897–1903 Republican
Samuel William Smith 1897–1915 Republican
Edward L. Hamilton 1897–1921 Republican
Henry C. Smith 1899–1903 Republican
Edgar Weeks 1899–1903 Republican
Washington Gardner 1899–1911 Republican
Joseph W. Fordney 1899–1923 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Michigan
Party Total
     Democratic 39
     Republican 73
Total Representatives 112
Representatives to the U.S. House from Michigan
Representative Years Served Party
Henry H. Aplin 1901–1903 Republican
Archibald B. Darragh 1901–1909 Republican
Alfred Lucking 1903–1905 Democratic
Charles E. Townsend 1903–1911 Republican
Henry McMorran 1903–1913 Republican
H. Olin Young 1903–1913 Republican
George A. Loud 1903–1913, 1915–1917 Republican
Edwin C. Denby 1905–1911 Republican
Gerrit J. Diekema 1907–1911 Republican
James C. McLaughlin 1907–1932 Republican
Francis H. Dodds 1909–1913 Republican
Edwin F. Sweet 1911–1913 Democratic
William W. Wedemeyer 1911–1913 Republican
Frank E. Doremus 1911–1921 Democratic
John M. C. Smith 1911–1923 Republican
Francis O. Lindquist 1913–1915 Republican
William Josiah MacDonald 1913–1915 Progressive
Roy O. Woodruff 1913–1915 1921–1953 Republican
Samuel Beakes 1913–1919 Democratic
Patrick H. Kelley 1913–1923 Republican
Louis C. Cramton 1913–1931 Republican
Carl E. Mapes 1913–1939 Republican
Charles Archibald Nichols 1915–1920 Republican
Frank D. Scott 1915–1927 Republican
W. Frank James 1915–1935 Republican
Mark R. Bacon 1917 Republican
Gilbert A. Currie 1917–1921 Republican
Clarence J. McLeod 1919–1921, 1923–1937, 1939–1941 Republican
Earl C. Michener 1919–1933, 1935–1951 Republican
William H. Frankhauser 1921–1921 Republican
Vincent M. Brennan 1921–1923 Republican
George P. Codd 1921–1923 Republican
John C. Ketcham 1921–1933 Republican
Arthur B. Williams 1923–1925 Republican
Robert H. Clancy 1923–1925 and 1927–1933 Republican
Grant M. Hudson 1923–1931 Republican
Bird J. Vincent 1923–1931 Republican
John B. Sosnowski 1925–1927 Republican
Joseph L. Hooper 1925–1934 Republican
Frank P. Bohn 1927–1933 Republican
Seymour H. Person 1931–1933 Republican
Michael J. Hart 1931–1935 Democratic
Jesse P. Wolcott 1931–1957 Republican
Claude E. Cady 1933–1935 Democratic
George Ernest Foulkes 1933–1935 Democratic
John C. Lehr 1933–1935 Democratic
Harry W. Musselwhite 1933–1935 Democratic
Carl M. Weideman 1933–1935 Democratic
Prentiss M. Brown 1933–1937 Democratic
George G. Sadowski 1933–1939, 1943–1951 Democratic
John Lesinski, Sr. 1933–1950 Democratic
John D. Dingell, Sr. 1933–1955 Democratic
George Anthony Dondero 1933–1957 Republican
Henry M. Kimball 1935–1935 Republican
Verner Main 1935–1937 Republican
William W. Blackney 1935–1937, 1939–1953 Republican
Frank Eugene Hook 1935–1947 Democratic
Louis C. Rabaut 1935–1947, 1949–1961 Democratic
Albert J. Engel 1935–1951 Republican
Fred L. Crawford 1935–1953 Republican
Clare Hoffman 1935–1963 Republican
John F. Luecke 1937–1939 Democratic
Andrew J. Transue 1937–1939 Democratic
George D. O'Brien 1937–1939, 1941–1947, 1949–1955 Democratic
Paul W. Shafer 1937–1955 Republican
Rudolph G. Tenerowicz 1939–1943 Democratic
Frederick Van Ness Bradley 1939–1947 Republican
Bartel J. Jonkman 1940–1949 Republican
John B. Bennett 1943–1945, 1947–1965 Republican
Howard A. Coffin 1947–1949 Republican
Harold F. Youngblood 1947–1949 Republican
Charles E. Potter 1947–1953 Republican
Gerald R. Ford 1949–1973 Republican
Ruth Thompson 1951–1957 Republican
Thaddeus M. Machrowicz 1951–1961 Democratic
John Lesinski, Jr. 1951–1965 Democratic
George Meader 1951–1965 Republican
Kit Clardy 1953–1955 Republican
Charles G. Oakman 1953–1955 Republican
Alvin Morell Bentley 1953–1961 Republican
Victor A. Knox 1953–1965 Republican
Elford Albin Cederberg 1953–1979 Republican
Donald Hayworth 1955–1957 Democratic
August E. Johansen 1955–1965 Republican
Martha Griffiths 1955–1975 Democratic
Charles Diggs 1955–1980 Republican
John Dingell 1955–2015 Democratic
Robert J. McIntosh 1957–1959 Republican
Robert P. Griffin 1957–1966 Republican
Charles E. Chamberlain 1957–1975 Republican
William Broomfield 1957–1993 Republican
James G. O'Hara 1959–1977 Democratic
R. James Harvey 1961–1975 Republican
Lucien N. Nedzi 1961–1981 Democratic
Harold M. Ryan 1962–1965 Democratic
Neil Staebler 1963–1965 Democratic
Edward Hutchinson 1963–1977 Republican
Raymond F. Clevenger 1965–1967 Democratic
Billie S. Farnum 1965–1967 Democratic
John C. Mackie 1965–1967 Democratic
Paul H. Todd, Jr. 1965–1967 Democratic
Weston E. Vivian 1965–1967 Democratic
William D. Ford 1965–1995 Democratic
John Conyers 1965–present Democratic
Guy Vander Jagt 1966–1993 Republican
Jack H. McDonald 1967–1973 Republican
Donald W. Riegle, Jr. 1967–1977 Democratic
Marvin L. Esch 1967–1977 Republican
Garry Brown 1967–1979 Republican
Philip Ruppe 1967–1979 Republican
Robert J. Huber 1973–1975 Republican
J. Bob Traxler 1973–1993 Democratic
Richard VanderVeen 1974–1977 Democratic
Milton Robert Carr 1975–1981, 1983–1995 Democratic
James Blanchard 1975–1983 Democratic
William M. Brodhead 1975–1983 Democratic
David Stockman 1977–1981 Republican
Harold S. Sawyer 1977–1985 Republican
Carl Pursell 1977–1993 Republican
David E. Bonior 1977–2003 Democratic
Dale E. Kildee 1977–2013 Democratic
Donald J. Albosta 1979–1985 Democratic
Robert William Davis 1979–1993 Republican
Howard Wolpe 1979–1993 Democratic
George W. Crockett 1980–1991 Democratic
James Whitney Dunn 1981–1983 Republican
Mark D. Siljander 1981–1987 Republican
Dennis M. Hertel 1981–1993 Democratic
Sander M. Levin 1983–present Democratic
Bill Schuette 1985–1991 Republican
Paul B. Henry 1985–1993 Republican
Fred Upton 1987–present Republican
Barbara-Rose Collins 1991–1997 Democratic
David Lee Camp 1991–2015 Republican
James A. Barcia 1993–2003 Democratic
Nick Smith 1993–2004 Republican
Joe Knollenberg 1993–2009 Republican
Vern Ehlers 1993–2011 Republican
Pete Hoekstra 1993–2011 Republican
Bart Stupak 1993–2011 Democratic
Dick Chrysler 1995–1997 Republican
Lynn N. Rivers 1995–2003 Democratic
Debbie Stabenow 1997–2001 Democratic
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick 1997–2011 Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Michigan
Party Total
     Democratic 6
     Republican 12
Total Representatives 18
Representatives to the U.S. House from Michigan
Representative Years Served Party
Mike Rogers 2001–2015 Republican
Thad McCotter 2003–2012 Republican
Candice Miller 2003–present Republican
Joe Schwarz 2005–2007 Republican
Tim Walberg 2007–2009, 2011–present Republican
Mark Schauer 2009–2011 Democratic
Gary Peters 2009–present Democratic
Justin Amash 2011–present Republican
Dan Benishek 2011–present Republican
Hansen Clarke 2011–2013 Democratic
Bill Huizenga 2011–present Republican
David Curson 2012-2013 Democratic
Dan Kildee 2013-present Democratic
Kerry Bentivolio 2013-2015 Republican
John Moolenaar 2015-present Republican
Mike Bishop 2015-present Republican
David Trott 2015-present Republican
Debbie Dingell 2015-present Democratic

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