List of United States Representatives from Missouri

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Missouri was admitted as the 24th state to the United States of America on August 10, 1821. As of 2011, a total of 303 individuals have represented Missouri in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Missouri are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Missouri.

Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Missouri
Party Total
     Democratic 116
     Republican 52
     Anti-Jacksonian 1
     Unionist 10
     Whig 9
     Jacksonian 2
     Democratic-Republican 1
     Opposition 4
     Know-Nothing 6
     Green Back 4
     Independent Radical 1
Total Representatives 206
Representatives to the U.S. House from Missouri
Representative Years Served Party
John Scott 1821–1827 Democratic-Republican
Edward Bates 1827–1829 Adams
Spencer Darwin Pettis 1829–1831 Jacksonian
William Henry Ashley 1831–1837 Jacksonian
John Bull 1833–1835 Anti-Jacksonian
Albert Galliton Harrison 1835–1839 Democratic
John Miller 1837–1843 Democratic
John Jameson 1839–1841, 1843-1845 and 1847-1849 Democratic
John Cummins Edwards 1841–1843 Democratic
Gustavus Miller Bower 1843–1845 Democratic
James Madison Hughes 1843–1845 Democratic
James B. Bowlin 1843–1851 Democratic
James Hugh Relfe 1843–1847 Democratic
Sterling Price 1845–1846 Democratic
John S. Phelps 1845–1847 Democratic
Leonard Henly Sims 1845–1847 Democratic
William McDaniel 1846–1847 Democratic
James S. Green 1847–1851 Democratic
Willard Preble Hall 1847–1853 Democratic
John S. Phelps 1847–1853 Democratic
William Van Ness Bay 1849–1851 Democratic
John Fletcher Darby 1851–1853 Whig
John Gaines Miller 1851–1853 Whig
Gilchrist Porter 1851–1853 Whig
Thomas Hart Benton 1853–1855 Democratic
Samuel Caruthers 1853–1855 Whig
Mordecai Oliver 1853–1855 Whig
John Gaines Miller 1853–1855 Whig
Alfred William Lamb 1853–1855 Democratic
James Johnson Lindley 1853–1855 Whig
John S. Phelps 1853–1863 Democratic
John Gaines Miller 1855–1856 Opposition
Samuel Caruthers 1855–1857 Opposition
Mordecai Oliver 1855–1857 Opposition
Luther Martin Kennett 1855–1857 Whig
James Johnson Lindley 1855–1857 Opposition
Gilchrist Porter 1855–1857 Whig
Thomas Peter Akers 1856–1857 Know-nothing
Francis Preston Blair, Jr. 1857–1859 Republican
Thomas Lilbourne Anderson 1857–1859 Know-nothing
Samuel Caruthers 1857–1859 Democratic
James Craig 1857–1861 Democratic
John Bullock Clark 1857–1861 Democratic
Samuel H. Woodson 1857–1861 Know-nothing
John Richard Barret 1859–1860 Democratic
Thomas Lilbourne Anderson 1859–1861 Independent Democrat
John William Noell 1859–1863 Democratic
Francis Preston Blair, Jr. 1860 Republican
John Richard Barret 1860–1861 Democratic
John William Reid 1861 Democratic
Francis Preston Blair, Jr. 1861–1862 Republican
Elijah Hise Norton 1861–1863 Democratic
James S. Rollins 1861–1863 Constitutional Unionist
William Augustus Hall 1862–1863 Democratic
Thomas Lawson Price 1862–1863 Democratic
John William Noell 1863 Unionist
Francis Preston Blair, Jr. 1863–1864 Republican
William Augustus Hall 1863–1865 Unionist
Sempronius H. Boyd 1863–1865 Unionist
Joseph W. McClurg 1863–1865 Unionist
Austin Augustus King 1863–1865 Unionist
Benjamin F. Loan 1863–1865 Unionist
John Guier Scott 1863–1865 Democratic
James S. Rollins 1863–1865 Unionist
Henry Taylor Blow 1863–1867 Republican
Samuel Knox 1864–1865 Unionist
John Hogan 1865–1867 Democratic
Thomas E. Noell 1865–1867 Republican
John R. Kelso 1865–1867 Independent Radical
Joseph W. McClurg 1865–1868 Republican
George W. Anderson 1865–1869 Republican
Benjamin F. Loan 1865–1869 Republican
John F. Benjamin 1865–1871 Republican
Robert T. Van Horn 1865–1871 Republican
Thomas E. Noell 1867 Democratic
Joseph J. Gravely 1867–1869 Republican
Carman A. Newcomb 1867–1869 Republican
William A. Pile 1867–1869 Republican
James Robinson McCormick 1867–1873 Democratic
John Hubler Stover 1868–1869 Republican
David Patterson Dyer 1869–1871 Republican
Gustavus A. Finkelnburg 1869–1871 Republican
Joel Funk Asper 1869–1871 Republican
Sempronius H. Boyd 1869–1871 Republican
Samuel Swinfin Burdett 1869–1873 Republican
Erastus Wells 1869–1873 Democratic
Harrison E. Havens 1871–1873 Republican
Abram Comingo 1871–1873 Democratic
Gustavus A. Finkelnburg 1871–1873 Liberal Republican
James G. Blair 1871–1873 Liberal Republican
Andrew King 1871–1873 Democratic
Isaac Parker 1871–1875 Republican
Harrison E. Havens 1873–1875 Republican
Abram Comingo 1873–1875 Democratic
Thomas Theodore Crittenden 1873–1875 Democratic
Edwin O. Stanard 1873–1875 Republican
William Henry Stone 1873–1877 Democratic
Erastus Wells 1873–1877 Democratic
Robert Anthony Hatcher 1873–1879 Democratic
Richard P. Bland 1873–1883 Democratic
Aylett Hawes Buckner 1873–1883 Democratic
John Bullock Clark, Jr. 1873–1883 Democratic
Rezin A. De Bolt 1875–1877 Democratic
Edward C. Kehr 1875–1877 Democratic
Ira B. Hyde 1875–1877 Republican
John Finis Philips 1875–1877 Democratic
Benjamin Joseph Franklin 1875–1879 Democratic
Charles Henry Morgan 1875–1879 Democratic
David Rea 1875–1879 Democratic
John Montgomery Glover 1877–1879 Democratic
Thomas Theodore Crittenden 1877–1879 Democratic
Nathan Cole 1877–1879 Republican
Lyne Metcalfe 1877–1879 Republican
Anthony F. Ittner 1877–1879 Republican
Henry Moses Pollard 1877–1879 Republican
Alfred Morrison Lay 1879 Democratic
Samuel Locke Sawyer 1879–1881 Democratic
Gideon Frank Rothwell 1879–1881 Democratic
Erastus Wells 1879–1881 Democratic
James Richard Waddill 1879–1881 Democratic
William H. Hatch 1879–1883 Democratic
Richard Graham Frost 1879–1883 Democratic
Nicholas Ford 1879–1883 Greenback
Lowndes Henry Davis 1879–1883 Democratic
Martin L. Clardy 1879–1883 Democratic
John Finis Philips 1880–1881 Democratic
Thomas Allen 1881–1882 Democratic
Ira Sherwin Hazeltine 1881–1883 Greenback
Joseph Henry Burrows 1881–1883 Greenback
Theron Moses Rice 1881–1883 Greenback
Robert T. Van Horn 1881–1883 Republican
James Henry McLean 1882–1883 Republican
Gustavus Sessinghaus 1883 Republican
Robert Washington Fyan 1883–1885 Democratic
Alexander Graves 1883–1885 Democratic
Lowndes Henry Davis 1883–1885 Democratic
John Cosgrove 1883–1885 Democratic
Armstead M. Alexander 1883–1885 Democratic
James Broadhead 1883–1885 Democratic
Aylett Hawes Buckner 1883–1885 Democratic
Charles Henry Morgan 1883–1885 Democratic
James N. Burnes 1883–1887 Democratic
Martin L. Clardy 1883–1889 Democratic
John Joseph O'Neill 1883–1889 Democratic
Richard P. Bland 1883–1893 Democratic
William H. Hatch 1883–1895 Democratic
Alexander Monroe Dockery 1883–1899 Democratic
John Blackwell Hale 1885–1887 Democratic
William Dawson 1885–1887 Democratic
John Milton Glover 1885–1889 Democratic
John E. Hutton 1885–1889 Democratic
William Warner 1885–1889 Republican
William Joel Stone 1885–1891 Democratic
William H. Wade 1885–1891 Republican
John T. Heard 1885–1893 Democratic
James P. Walker 1887–1890 Democratic
Charles H. Mansur 1887–1893 Democratic
Charles F. Booher 1889 Democratic
Nathan Frank 1889–1891 Republican
Frederick G. Niedringhaus 1889–1891 Republican
William Medcalf Kinsey 1889–1891 Republican
Richard Henry Norton 1889–1893 Democratic
Robert Patterson Clark Wilson 1889–1893 Democratic
John Charles Tarsney 1889–1896 Democratic
Robert Henry Whitelaw 1890–1891 Democratic
David A. De Armond 1891–1893 Democratic
Samuel Byrns 1891–1893 Democratic
John Joseph O'Neill 1891–1893 Democratic
Robert Washington Fyan 1891–1895 Democratic
Marshall Arnold 1891–1895 Democratic
Seth Wallace Cobb 1891–1897 Democratic
Charles Frederick Joy 1893–1894 Republican
John T. Heard 1893–1895 Democratic
Richard P. Bland 1893–1895 Democratic
Daniel Dee Burnes 1893–1895 Democratic
Champ Clark 1893–1895 Democratic
Charles Henry Morgan 1893–1895 Democratic
Uriel Sebree Hall 1893–1897 Democratic
David A. De Armond 1893–1909 Democratic
Richard Bartholdt 1893–1915 Republican
John Joseph O'Neill 1894–1895 Democratic
Joel Douglas Hubbard 1895–1897 Republican
George Calhoun Crowther 1895–1897 Republican
Charles Germman Burton 1895–1897 Republican
Charles Nelson Clark 1895–1897 Republican
Norman Adolphus Mozley 1895–1897 Republican
John Henry Raney 1895–1897 Republican
William M. Treloar 1895–1897 Republican
John Plank Tracey 1895–1897 Republican
Charles Frederick Joy 1895–1903 Republican
Robert T. Van Horn 1896–1897 Republican
Robert N. Bodine 1897–1899 Democratic
Richard P. Bland 1897–1899 Democratic
Charles Edward Pearce 1897–1901 Republican
James Cooney 1897–1903 Democratic
William S. Cowherd 1897–1905 Democratic
Maecenas Eason Benton 1897–1905 Democratic
Charles F. Cochran 1897–1905 Democratic
Edward Robb 1897–1905 Democratic
Willard Duncan Vandiver 1897–1905 Democratic
James Tilghman Lloyd 1897–1917 Democratic
Champ Clark 1897–1921 Democratic
John Dougherty 1899–1905 Democratic
Dorsey W. Shackleford 1899–1919 Democratic
William W. Rucker 1899–1923 Democratic
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Missouri
Party Total
     Democratic 13
     Republican 75
Total Representatives 88
Representatives to the U.S. House from Missouri
Representative Years Served Party
James Joseph Butler 1901–1903 Democratic
George Chester Robinson Wagoner 1903 Republican
Courtney W. Hamlin 1903–1905 Democratic
James Joseph Butler 1903–1905 Democratic
J. Robert Lamar 1903–1905 Democratic
John T. Hunt 1903–1907 Democratic
Ernest E. Wood 1905–1906 Democratic
Frank B. Fulkerson 1905–1907 Republican
Arthur P. Murphy 1905–1907 Republican
Frank B. Klepper 1905–1907 Republican
Marion E. Rhodes 1905–1907 Republican
William T. Tyndall 1905–1907 Republican
Cassius M. Shartel 1905–1907 Republican
John Welborn 1905–1907 Republican
Edgar C. Ellis 1905–1909 Republican
Harry M. Coudrey 1906–1911 Republican
Thomas Hackney 1907–1909 Democratic
Henry S. Caulfield 1907–1909 Republican
J. Robert Lamar 1907–1909 Democratic
Joseph J. Russell 1907–1909 Democratic
Madison Roswell Smith 1907–1909 Democratic
Courtney W. Hamlin 1907–1919 Democratic
Joshua W. Alexander 1907–1919 Democratic
Charles F. Booher 1907–1921 Democratic
Patrick F. Gill 1909–1911 Democratic
Charles A. Crow 1909–1911 Republican
Politte Elvins 1909–1911 Republican
Arthur P. Murphy 1909–1911 Republican
Charles Henry Morgan 1909–1911 Republican
William Patterson Borland 1909–1919 Democratic
Clement C. Dickinson 1910–1921 Democratic
Theron Ephron Catlin 1911–1912 Republican
James Alexander Daugherty 1911–1913 Democratic
Leonidas C. Dyer 1911–1914 Republican
Walter Lewis Hensley 1911–1919 Democratic
Joseph J. Russell 1911–1919 Democratic
Thomas L. Rubey 1911–1921 Democratic
Patrick F. Gill 1912–1913 Democratic
Perl D. Decker 1913–1919 Democratic
William L. Igoe 1913–1921 Democratic
Michael Joseph Gill 1914–1915 Democratic
Jacob Edwin Meeker 1915–1918 Republican
Leonidas C. Dyer 1915–1933 Republican
Milton A. Romjue 1917–1921 Democratic
Frederick Essen 1918–1919 Republican
William Thomas Bland 1919–1921 Democratic
William L. Nelson 1919–1921 Democratic
Samuel C. Major 1919–1921 Democratic
Edward D. Hays 1919–1923 Republican
Isaac V. McPherson 1919–1923 Republican
Theodore W. Hukriede 1919–1923 Republican
Roscoe C. Patterson 1919–1923 Republican
Marion E. Rhodes 1919–1923 Republican
Cleveland A. Newton 1919–1927 Republican
Jacob L. Milligan 1920–1921 Democratic
Frank C. Millspaugh 1921–1922 Republican
Edgar C. Ellis 1921–1923 Republican
William O. Atkeson 1921–1923 Republican
Henry F. Lawrence 1921–1923 Republican
Samuel A. Shelton 1921–1923 Republican
Sidney C. Roach 1921–1925 Republican
Harry B. Hawes 1921–1926 Democratic
Charles L. Faust 1921–1928 Republican
James F. Fulbright 1923–1925 Democratic
Henry L. Jost 1923–1925 Democratic
J. Scott Wolff 1923–1925 Democratic
Thomas L. Rubey 1923–1928 Democratic
Clement C. Dickinson 1923–1929 Democratic
Samuel C. Major 1923–1929 Democratic
Clarence Cannon 1923–1933 Democratic
Joe J. Manlove 1923–1933 Republican
Jacob L. Milligan 1923–1933 Democratic
Ralph F. Lozier 1923–1933 Democratic
Milton A. Romjue 1923–1933 Democratic
Edgar C. Ellis 1925–1927 Republican
Ralph Emerson Bailey 1925–1927 Republican
Charles Edward Kiefner 1925–1927 Republican
William L. Nelson 1925–1933 Democratic
John J. Cochran 1926–1933 Democratic
James F. Fulbright 1927–1929 Democratic
George H. Combs, Jr. 1927–1929 Democratic
Clyde Williams 1927–1929 Democratic
Henry F. Niedringhaus 1927–1933 Republican
Thomas Jefferson Halsey 1929–1931 Republican
Edgar C. Ellis 1929–1931 Republican
John William Palmer 1929–1931 Republican
Rowland Louis Johnston 1929–1931 Republican
Charles Edward Kiefner 1929–1931 Republican
Dewey Jackson Short 1929–1931 Republican
David W. Hopkins 1929–1933 Republican
Samuel C. Major 1931 Democratic
James F. Fulbright 1931–1933 Democratic
Clement C. Dickinson 1931–1933 Democratic
William Edward Barton 1931–1933 Democratic
Robert Davis Johnson 1931–1933 Democratic
Joe Shannon 1931–1933 Democratic
Clyde Williams 1931–1933 Democratic
Richard M. Duncan 1933–1935 Democratic
Clement C. Dickinson 1933–1935 Democratic
Clarence Cannon 1933–1935 Democratic
James Robert Claiborne 1933–1935 Democratic
John J. Cochran 1933–1935 Democratic
Jacob L. Milligan 1933–1935 Democratic
Frank H. Lee 1933–1935 Democratic
Ralph F. Lozier 1933–1935 Democratic
Joe Shannon 1933–1935 Democratic
Milton A. Romjue 1933–1935 Democratic
James Edward Ruffin 1933–1935 Democratic
Clyde Williams 1933–1935 Democratic
Reuben T. Wood 1933–1941 Democratic
James Robert Claiborne 1935–1937 Democratic
Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. 1935–1940 Democratic
Richard M. Duncan 1935–1943 Democratic
William L. Nelson 1935–1943 Democratic
Milton A. Romjue 1935–1943 Democratic
Joe Shannon 1935–1943 Democratic
Clyde Williams 1935–1943 Democratic
John J. Cochran 1935–1947 Democratic
Orville Zimmerman 1935–1948 Democratic
C. Jasper Bell 1935–1949 Democratic
Dewey Jackson Short 1935–1957 Republican
Clarence Cannon 1935–1964 Democratic
Charles Arthur Anderson 1937–1941 Democratic
Philip Allen Bennett 1941–1942 Republican
John B. Sullivan 1941–1943 Democratic
Walter C. Ploeser 1941–1949 Republican
William P. Elmer 1943–1945 Republican
Louis E. Miller 1943–1945 Republican
Roger C. Slaughter 1943–1947 Democratic
Marion Tinsley Bennett 1943–1949 Republican
Samuel W. Arnold 1943–1949 Republican
William Clay Cole 1943–1949 Republican
Max Schwabe 1943–1949 Republican
A. S. J. Carnahan 1945–1947 Democratic
John B. Sullivan 1945–1947 Democratic
Claude I. Bakewell 1947–1949 Republican
Parke M. Banta 1947–1949 Republican
Albert L. Reeves, Jr. 1947–1949 Republican
Frank M. Karsten 1947–1953 Democratic
Paul C. Jones 1948–1969 Democratic
George H. Christopher 1949–1951 Democratic
Raymond W. Karst 1949–1951 Democratic
Morgan M. Moulder 1949–1953 Democratic
Leonard Irving 1949–1953 Democratic
Clare Magee 1949–1953 Democratic
Phil J. Welch 1949–1953 Democratic
A. S. J. Carnahan 1949–1961 Democratic
Richard Walker Bolling 1949–1983 Democratic
John B. Sullivan 1951 Democratic
Thomas B. Curtis 1951–1953 Republican
Orland K. Armstrong 1951–1953 Republican
Claude I. Bakewell 1951–1953 Republican
Jeffrey Paul Hillelson 1953–1955 Republican
William Clay Cole 1953–1955 Republican
Morgan M. Moulder 1953–1963 Democratic
Thomas B. Curtis 1953–1969 Republican
Frank M. Karsten 1953–1969 Democratic
Leonor Sullivan 1953–1977 Democratic
George H. Christopher 1955–1959 Democratic
William Raleigh Hull, Jr. 1955–1973 Democratic
Charles Harrison Brown 1957–1961 Democratic
William J. Randall 1959–1977 Democratic
Durward Gorham Hall 1961–1973 Republican
Richard Howard Ichord, Jr. 1961–1981 Democratic
William L. Hungate 1964–1977 Democratic
James W. Symington 1969–1977 Democratic
Bill Burlison 1969–1981 Democratic
Bill Clay 1969–2001 Democratic
Jerry Litton 1973–1976 Democratic
Gene Taylor 1973–1989 Republican
Robert A. Young 1977–1987 Democratic
Earl Thomas Coleman 1977–1993 Republican
Harold Volkmer 1977–1997 Democratic
Dick Gephardt 1977–2005 Democratic
Ike Skelton 1977–2011 Democratic
Bill Emerson 1981–1983 Republican
Wendell Bailey 1981–1983 Republican
Alan Wheat 1983–1995 Democratic
Bill Emerson 1983–1996 Republican
Jack Buechner 1987–1991 Republican
Mel Hancock 1989–1997 Republican
Joan Kelly Horn 1991–1993 Democratic
Pat Danner 1993–2001 Democratic
Jim Talent 1993–2001 Republican
Karen McCarthy 1995–2005 Democratic
Jo Ann Emerson 1996–2013 Republican
Kenny Hulshof 1997–2009 Republican
Roy Blunt 1997–2011 Republican
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Missouri
Party Total
     Democratic 3
     Republican 7
Total Representatives 10
Representatives to the U.S. House from Missouri
Representative Years Served Party
Sam Graves 2001–present Republican
Todd Akin 2001–2013 Republican
William Lacy Clay, Jr. 2001–present Democratic
Russ Carnahan 2005–2013 Democratic
Emanuel Cleaver 2005–present Democratic
Blaine Luetkemeyer 2009–present Republican
Vicky Hartzler 2011–present Republican
Billy Long 2011–present Republican
Ann Wagner 2013–present Republican
Jason Smith 2013-present Republican

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