List of United States Representatives from Nebraska

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Nebraska was admitted as the 37th state to the United States of America on March 1, 1867. As of 2011, a total of 97 individuals have represented Nebraska in the U.S. House.

The current members of the U.S. House from Nebraska are:

Historical representatives

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Nebraska.

Representatives to the U.S. House in Nebraska in the 1800s
Representative Years Served Party
Turner Mastin Marquette 1865-1866 Republican
John Taffe 1867-1872 Republican
Lorenzo Crounse 1873-1876 Republican
Thomas Jefferson Majors 1877-1878 Republican
Frank Welch 1877-1878 Republican
Edward Kimble Valentine 1879-1884 Republican
Archibald Jerard Weaver 1883-1886 Republican
James Laird 1883-1890 Republican
George Washington Emery Dorsey 1885-1890 Republican
John Albert McShane 1887-1888 Democratic
William James Connell 1889-1890 Republican
Gilbert Lafayette Laws 1889-1890 Republican
William Jennings Bryan 1891-1894 Democratic
William Arthur McKeighan 1891-1894 Populist
Omer Madison Kem 1891-1896 Populist
Eugene Jerome Hainer 1893-1896 Republican
George de Rue Meiklejohn 1893-1896 Republican
David Henry Mercer 1893-1902 Republican
Jesse Burr Strode 1895-1898 Republican
William Ezekiel Andrews 1895-1896, 1919-1922 Republican
Samuel Maxwell 1897-1898 Populist
William Laury Greene 1897-1900 Populist
Roderick Dhu Sutherland 1897-1900 Populist
William Ledyard Stark 1897-1902 Populist
William Neville 1899-1902 Populist
John Seaton Robinson 1899-1902 Democratic
Elmer Jacob Burkett 1899-1904 Republican
Representatives to the U.S. House in Nebraska in the 1900s
Representative Years Served Party
Ashton Cokayne Shallenberger 1901-1902, 1915-1918, 1923-1928, 1931-1934 Democratic
Gilbert Monell Hitchcock 1903-1904, 1907-1910 Democratic
John Jay McCarthy 1903-1906 Republican
Edmund Howard Hinshaw 1903-1910 Republican
George William Norris 1903-1912 Republican
Moses Pierce Kinkaid 1903-1922 Republican
John Lauderdale Kennedy 1905-1906 Republican
Ernest Mark Pollard 1905-1908 Republican
John Frank Boyd 1907-1908 Republican
James Polk Latta 1909-1912 Democratic
John Arthur Maguire 1909-1914 Democratic
Charles Otto Lobeck 1911-1918 Democratic
Dan Voorhees Stephens 1911-1918 Democratic
Charles Henry Sloan 1911-1930 Republican
Silas Reynolds Barton 1913-1914 Republican
Charles Frank Reavis 1915-1922 Republican
Robert Emory Evans 1919-1922 Republican
Albert Webb Jefferis 1919-1922 Republican
Melvin Orlando McLaughlin 1919-1926 Republican
Augustin Reed Humphrey 1921-1922 Republican
Roy Henry Thorpe 1921-1922 Republican
Willis Gratz Sears 1923-1930 Republican
Robert Glenmore Simmons 1923-1932 Republican
Edgar Howard 1923-1934 Democratic
John Henry Morehead 1923-1934 Democratic
John Nathaniel Norton 1927-1928, 1931-1932 Democratic
Fred Gustus Johnson 1929-1930 Republican
Howard Malcolm Baldrige 1931-1932 Republican
Edward Raymond Burke 1933-1934 Democratic
Terry McGovern Carpenter 1933-1934 Democratic
Charles Gustav Binderup 1935-1938 Democratic
Henry Carl Luckey 1935-1938 Democratic
Harry Buffington Coffee 1935-1942 Democratic
Charles Francis McLaughlin 1935-1942 Democratic
Karl Stefan 1935-1952 Republican
George Henry Heinke 1939-1940 Republican
John Hyde Sweet 1939-1940 Republican
Carl Thomas Curtis 1939-1954 Republican
Oren Sturman Copeland 1941-1942 Republican
Howard Homan Buffett 1943-1948, 1951-1952 Republican
Arthur Lewis Miller 1943-1958 Republican
Eugene Daniel O'Sullivan 1949-1950 Democratic
Robert Dinsmore Harrison 1951-1958 Republican
Roman Lee Hruska 1953-1954 Republican
Jackson Burton Chase 1955-1956 Republican
Phillip Hart Weaver 1955-1962 Republican
Glenn Clarence Cunningham 1957-1970 Republican
Lawrence Brock 1959-1960 Democratic
Donald Francis McGinley 1959-1960 Democratic
Ralph Frederick Beermann 1961-1964 Republican
David Thomas Martin 1961-1974 Republican
Clair Armstrong Callan 1965-1966 Democratic
Robert Vernon Denney 1967-1970 Republican
John Yetter McCollister 1971-1976 Republican
Charles Thone 1971-1978 Republican
Virginia Dodd Smith 1975-1990 Republican
John Joseph Cavanaugh 1977-1980 Democratic
Douglas Kent Bereuter 1979-2004 Republican
Harold John Daub, Jr., 1981-1988 Republican
Peter D. Hoagland 1989-1994 Democratic
William E. Barrett 1991-2000 Republican
Jon Lynn Christensen 1995-1998 Republican
Lee Raymond Terry 1999-Present Republican
Representatives to the U.S. House in Nebraska in the 2000s
Representative Years Served Party
Thomas Osborne 2001-2006 Republican
Jeff Fortenberry 2005-Present Republican
Adrian Smith 2007-Present Republican

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