List of United States Senators from Idaho

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Idaho was admitted as the 43rd state to the United States of America on July 3, 1890. As of 2011, a total of 29 individuals have represented Idaho in the U.S. Senate.

The current members of the U.S. Senate from Idaho are:

Historical senators

The following individuals were elected to the U.S. Senate from Idaho.

Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Idaho
Party Total
     Democratic 10
     Republican 19
Total Senators 29
Class 2 Senators from Idaho
Senator Years Served Party
George L. Shoup Republican 1890-1901
Fred T. Dubois Democratic 1901-1907
William E. Borah Republican 1907-1940
John Thomas Republican 1940-1945
Charles C. Gossett Democratic 1945-1946
Henry C. Dworshak Republican 1946-1949
Bert H. Miller Democratic 1949-1949
Henry C. Dworshak Republican 1949-1962
Leonard B. Len Jordan Republican 1962-1973
James A. McClure Republican 1973-1991
Larry E. Craig Republican 1991-2009
Jim Risch Republican 2009-Present
Class 3 Senators from Idaho
Senator Years Served Party
William J. McConnell Republican 1890-1891
Fred T. Dubois Republican 1891-1897
Henry Heitfeld Democratic 1897-1903
Weldon B. Heyburn Republican 1903-1912
Kirtland I. Perky Democratic 1912-1913
James H. Brady Republican 1913-1918
John F. Nugent Democratic 1918-1921
Frank R. Gooding Republican 1921-1928
John Thomas Republican 1928-1933
James P. Pope Democratic 1933-1939
D. Worth Clark Democratic 1939-1945
Glen H. Taylor Democratic 1945-1951
Herman Welker Republican 1951-1957
Frank F. Church Democratic 1957-1981
Steven D. Symms Republican 1981-1993
Dirk Kempthorne Republican 1993-1999
Mike Crapo Republican 1999-Present

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